Be a Powerful Accounting Outsourcing & Audit Professional


Accounting Outsourcing is an opportunity that is waiting to serve thousands of SMEs who don’t have formal job opening to Accountants. These SMEs are deprived of a good accounting and inventory reporting system. Accounting Outsourcing will open the win-win opportunities to both Accountants and those SMEs. Also banks’ SME division can greatly be benefited from this course.


Hands-on practical sessions.

Contents of Training:

Day 001

What is Accounting Outsourcing
Principal of Accounts
Nature of Accounts
Creating Chart of Accounts

Day 2
Transaction & Voucher entries
AIS & MIS Reporting

Day 3
Cost Centers

Day 4
Inventory/Stock Management

Day 5
Data Base
User Security & Password

Day 6
Data Export to Excel, PDF, XML
Audit Trial
Audit Feature
Auditor’s Access to Data Base from Remote Location

Day 7
Field of Accounting Outsourcing in Bangladesh
Field of Accounting Outsourcing in Abroad
Different Accounting Software by Geographical Position

Day 8
Manage Outsourcing Network
Marketing for Accounting Outsourcing
Day 9

Day 10 Other Necessary issues
Open Discussion & Question – Answer Session

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