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How to Ensure Shipment on Time, Produce Quality Garments & Increase Productivity in Knit Composite


This is a normal phenomenon in garments business that the production is delayed and always need extension and to request Buyer for time extension for production and shipment. Some time extension is given by Buyer but some time either they ask for discount, air shipment or even cancel the whole order. When ever such situation takes place with any factory then it cause a big disaster for the company and create a big liabilities in the bank. In such situation if the Bank is not cooperative then it may compel the management to close the factory. This situation can easily be tackled and overcome if some guide lines are followed and steps are taken by Management, Marketing, Merchandising, Planning and Production people.

Garments business is not one man show rather a team work where every body need to work in harmonical way, if any person is not playing his role on time with utmost sincerity then it will affect shipment and quality resultant may lead to a big disaster.

There are some guide lines and techniques to over come such situation which if understood, exercise and controlled then all garments can be produced with quality and can be shipped out on time. To teach the technique the lesson will be imparted in following headings:


Interactive Lecture
PowerPoint Presentation
Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

1. What all are the chronology and series of action involve in garments business ?

2. How to select production target ?

3. What is Time and Action calendar and how to prepare it ?

4. What is Gantt Chart ? how to prepare it and what all to be included in the Gantt Chart ?

5. How to select target for knitting, dyeing, cutting, embroidery, printing, sewing and finishing ?

6. How to do Time Study of any product and how to assess SMV of any style to select Hourly-Production Target.

7. How to balance Production Line with Man. Machine and Equipments for better productivity.

8. How to select knitting machine for un-interrupted garments production.

9. How to do batching for better productivity and quality production.

10. How to do Dyeing Planning to achieve daily garments production.

11. How to plan for embroidery and select number of machine to be engaged for better productivity and achieving production target.

12. How to plan for Printing to achieve production target.

13. How to engage production lines to do un-interrupted finishing without creating any backlog in finishing floor.

14. Techniques of reducing alteration, increase productivity and reduce production cost.

15. How to plan for washing for better quality and un-interrupted finishing of garments.

16. How to plan for value addition work to get better quality and productivity.

17. How to arrange Ironing and Folding for un-interrupted finishing without creating any backlog.

18. How to ensure Quality Folding and increase productivity in Folding.

19. How ensure proper assortment as per Size, Color and Shade.

20. How to ensure quality of cartooning as per lot, country and destination to ensure passing in Final Inspection.

21. Golden Rules for enhancement of Productivity, Quality and Shipment on time.




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