Incident Investigation Techniques


One single mistake which results accident can damage our life as well as our family. Everyday we see a lot of accidents happening in our country. We can reduce the rate of accidents and save our family from uncertainty. To save our life and valuable assets we should know the root cause of incidents and take corrective actions to avoid future recurrence. We can save our organization from lost time injury, compensation, bad reputation, low production etc. through investigating the accidents properly and systematically. Trained investigator can only do this job.

This training is designed to give a full idea of investigating a case and report it to take further appropriate action.

How participants will benefit after the course:
• Participants will learn how to investigate the incidents.
• Participant will learn to find out the root causes of an accident.
• Participant will learn to take corrective actions to control accidents.
• Participant will be systematic and process based in their work.
• Participant will be able to ensure safety & security in the workplace.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Objectives of Incident Investigation
2. Some Definition
3. Difference between Fact findings investigation & Incident Investigation
4. Why we need to investigate incidents?
5. Most Likely severity
6. The Incident Investigation Process
7. Casual Tree Analysis
8. Why use the Casual Tree analysis method?
9. Construction of Casual Tree
10. Casual Tree Analysis Diagram
11. Exercise on Casual Tree Analysis
12. Identifying the Relevant controls
13. Human Error types
14. Human Error reduction
15. Types of violations
16. Incident Management
17. Incident Management Actions

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Compliance Manager/Officer who ensures Safety in the organization.
Any employee especially of Admin, HR & Compliance dept.
Any employee who are assigned to work as a Compliance Officer.
Any person who wants to gather knowledge on Safety issues.
Any employee who wants to ensure zero incidents in the organization through investigation.

"Received collective, complete,comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter. Really appreciating" Md. Tamjid Alam