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How to Setup A Knit Composite Factory


Knit garments business is growing faster in our country and has got a better prospective in future business all over the world as such lot of Knit Composite Factories are coming up every year in our country. From the experience it is observed that the factories are not well set up and balanced in respect of Machines, Equipment and Manpower for which the Knit Composite suffers a lot and can not achieve it desired targeted production and can not sustain in the competitive market with its earning and expenses. On the other hand if the entrepreneurs and the Top Management people understand the techniques of setting up of the factory with proper machine, equipments, manpower along with all other supporting section and organogram of the same then it becomes easier to make a beautiful factory for commercial viability.


PowerPoint Presentation
Interactive Lecture
Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

1. What is an ideal Knit Composite Factory?
2. How the initial Planning will be conceived.
3. Setting and Planning of Production Line.
4. Setting and Planning of Spinning Mill (optional).
5. Setting and of Knitting Division with Man, Machines and equipments.
6. Setting of Dyeing Division with Man, Machines and equipments.

Morning Tea Break

7. Planning of Lab with Man, Machines and equipments.
8. Planning of Sample Section with Man, Machines and equipments.
9. Planning of Sewing Floor with Man, Machines and equipments.
--a. Setting of Cutting Floor.
--b. Setting of Sewing Floor.
--c. Setting of Finishing Floor.
--d. Setting of Quality Department and Floor Quality Team.
--e. Setting of Fabric Inspecting Team and Fabric Store.
--f. Setting of Needle Detecting Section.
--g. Setting up of Accessories Control Department.
--h. Setting up of Control and Accounting Section for Left over, Stock lot, Surplus and Reject Garments, Fabric and Yarns.

Break for Jumma Prayer and Lunch

10. Setting and Planning for Washing Plant with Man, Machines and equipments.
11. Setting and Planning of Embroidery Section set up with Man, Machines and equipments.
12. Setting and Planning of Printing Section with Man, Machines and equipments.
13. Setting and Planning for Accessories Manufacturing, Marketing and Procurement Division.
14. Setting and Appointing Decision Making Team.
15. Setting of Planning Department.
16. Setting of Marketing and Merchandising Team.
17. Setting of Finance and Account Department.
18. Setting of Commercial Department.
19. Setting of Internal Audit Team.
20. Setting of Display Room.
21. Setting of Security Section.
22. Setting up of Doctors Room.
23. Setting up of Child care Room.
24. Setting up of Worker’s Dining Hall and Refreshment canteen.

Evening Tea Break

25. Setting of Administrative and Logistic Section.
26. Setting of Security Section and Security System.
27. Setting of Maintenance Department.
28. Setting of HR Management and Compliance Department.
29. Setting of Work Study and Time Study Section.
30. Setting of Clandestine Intelligent Cell (optional).

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This Workshop is mainly designed for Entrepreneurs and Top Management people like (Chairman, MD, DMD, CEO, ED, Directors, GM or any person interested to learn the total set up mechanism of Knit Composite.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.