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Effective Vehicle Management & Traffic Law


The most difficult job of Admin dept. is vehicle management as well as to manage drivers. According to a few Administrative Professionals drivers are of another group of people whose behaviors are not similar to other staff. The moral obligation of every organization is to ensure the safety of its employees through proper vehicle management.

Through proper monitoring and making some policies, it is possible manage this difficult job easily by the administrative professionals.

How participants will get benefit after the course

The participants will be aware of:
a. Effective vehicle management
b. Reduction of fuel cost
c. Best output at low cost
d. Reduction of unfair practice
e. Practice of discipline in the organization
f. Transport Safety


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
2. Drivers duty Hours
3. Drivers working Hours
4. Continuous driving hours
5. Pre- trip & Post trip
6. Single/Double Manning
7. Significant Risks
8. Drivers Fatigue
9. Vehicle distractions while driving
10. Uses of Mobile while driving
11. Listening Music while driving
12. Speed Management
13. PPE of drivers
14. First Aid Box in the vehicles
15. Driver Recruitment standard
16. Driving License verification
17. Monitoring of Fuel Cost
18. Monitoring of Maintenance cost
19. Legal documents
20. VTS & Web cam
21. Traffic Law
22. Fine for violating traffic rules in Bangladesh
23. Power of licensing authority to disqualify for holding a driving License
24. Control of traffic - limits of speed
25. Control of traffic - duty to obey traffic signs
26. Duty to produce license and certificate of registration, etc.
27. Offences & punishment under sec. 142-158.
28. Important sections of motor vehicle ordinance, 1983, sec. 92-104.

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