Total Merchandising in Knit Garments


This is a crash program of one month, within which detail knowledge on 'Knit Garments Merchandising' will be given. Anybody, with this knowledge, would be able to work as an efficient Merchandiser and would be able to do efficient Consumption, Costing, Preparartion of Time & Action Calendar and Gantt Chart to control and Follow up any order.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. What is Merchandising, Role of Merchandiser and Chronology of Events handled by a Merchandiser in Executing any Order.

2. Orientation with various parts of Garments and its Design/Fitting Aspects both Tops and Bottoms.

3. Orientation with various types of Knit and Woven Fabrics.

4. Knit Product Package Analysis for Consumption and Costing.

5. How to do Fabric Consumption for Knit-Tops and Exercise on Fabric Consumption.

6. How to do Fabric Consumption for Knit-Bottoms and Exercise on Fabric Consumption.

7. How to do Costing of various types of Fabric in respect of yarn, Knitting-Pattern, Dyeing Process, AOP and Yarn Dyeing.

8. How to do Consumption and Costing for Accessories.

9. How to do Costing of all Printing, Embroidery, Value Addition Works and Washing.

10. How to do Garments Costing ( FOB, C&F, CIF and CIF&T), Price Quotation, Negotiation and How to Prepare Cost-Approval Sheet.

11. How to Prepare Time & Action Calendar and Gantt Chart to Control and Follow up any order.

12. How to handle all Samples and Lab-Test as a Merchandiser and what is the importance of Samples and Lab-Test in Garments Business.

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