Evening Course: Breaking through English Writing Barriers training centre in Bangladesh


Evening Course: Breaking through English Writing Barriers


Have you ever found yourself staring at the computer screen/paper for more than 10 minutes, writing for 5 minutes and then stopping for more than 5 minutes, having a lot of ideas but not knowing where to start, getting lost in writing: no clear focus and organization? This workshop is just for YOU. English writing barriers remain in getting started (the hardest part is the beginning, no idea), expressing ideas in English (lack of vocabulary), organizing ideas logically. This workshop is designed to break through these barriers.

How Participants will benefit after the course

- The participants will know the barriers and the causes of barriers
- Learning the strategies, techniques of breaking the barriers followed by exercises will help participants becoming confident in English writing
- The participants will be able to communicate effectively and professionally through writing


Group Exercise
Brain Storming
Interactive Lecture
PowerPoint Presentation

Contents of Training:

Part A:
- Introduction of the participants
- Identifying the reasons of English writing barriers from participants
- Group Formation

Part B:
- English writing barriers
- Causes of the barriers
- Exercise: Finding causes

Writing Strategies
Prewrite: Write before writing
- Listing
- Free writing
- Clustering
- WH-Questions
Exercise: Prewriting

Outlining: Make a Plan of writing
- Make a plan for writing: unity and coherence
- Select the most important points
- Provide details, examples
- Use a linear structure
Exercise: Outlining

Writing Practice

- Picture depicting
- Expanding notes
- Use of punctuation
- Magnet summary writing
- Other strategies

Writing Business Messages
- Preparing to Write Business Messages
----Business writing is . . .
----Choosing Channels
----Developing Reader Benefits: sender-focused vs. receiver-focused
----Emphasize the “You” View
----Hidden Negative Meanings
----Use Bias-Free Language
----Use Courteous Language
- Writing Bad News Messages
- Business Communication: Letters and Email
----Making Messages Effective
----Letter Contents
----Formats for Letters
----What is Email & how does it work?
----Common Features of an Email Message
----Netiquette = E-mail & Internet Etiquette

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