IELTS Reading Crash Course training centre in Bangladesh


IELTS Reading Crash Course


Main philosophy of the course is to enable candidates to learn the Short-Cut- Rules, Tricks, techniques and time-management strategies to attack the test. Teaching basic and advanced Grammatical rules as well as collecting feedbacks through exams and confer the suggestion required.

To promote the skills of the participants in Reading in order to obtain the target score in the IELTS.


To assess the participant`s level of proficiency in English
To remove IELTS Reading phobia of the participants
To provide effective prescription for further improvement


The session will apply high interactive training methodologies including Open Discussion, Exercise, Question and Answer, etc.

Contents of Training:

At a glance IELTS Reading!!!

Yes/ True > No/False > Not given: Only 4 general rules are enough to answer this item. Just join and know the way.
List of Headings: 80% answer would be 1st sentence. Would you like to know the way please, feel free to join our session?
Matching: The easiest way of Reading item is called Matching. No need to know any vocabulary just Short-Cut-Rules is sufficient for this item.
M.C.Q: If you have an idea regarding basic Grammar Structure: that is enough for this easy item.
Anyone who wishes to sit for IELTS Test.