IELTS Exam Preparation Training with Mock Test training centre in Bangladesh


IELTS Exam Preparation Training with Mock Test


IELTS is all about assessing one's ability to communicate in English. To achieve a good score one requires to present his or her skills in an organized manner which may meet specific requirements of the test questions.



Contents of Training:

Session 01
Overall discussion On IELTS(Covering Four Modules)
Discussion on Procedure of IELTS Test and Scoring.
Learning Participants Expectation
Session 02
IELTS Reading Module
Yes/No/Not Given
List of Headings, Multiple Choice Question(MCQ)Matching.
Fill in the Gaps, Fill in the blank (with clue)
Short question & other items of Reading
Reading Overall discussion
Short- Cut- Tips
Session 03
IELTS Writing Module
Details on Task-1 (GT/Academic)
Practice on Task-1 (GT/Academic)
Details on Task-2
Practice on Task-2
Writing Overall discussion
Session 04
IELTS Listening Module
Basic Rules (Number, Alphabets), Transcripts discussions Gaps, Matching
M.C.Q on Listening
Monologue & Answer without Listening and review
Session 05
IELTS Speaking Module
10 Structural based on IELTS Speaking
Details on Task Card (tips & technique)
Speaking Test and feedback
Session 06
Full-length-Mock Test (Covering Four Modules)
Anyone who wishes to sit for IELTS Test.