Effective Print Advertising: 13 Tips to Create Powerful Advertising training centre in Bangladesh


Effective Print Advertising: 13 Tips to Create Powerful Advertising


Why doesn’t an advertising work? There can be countless reasons starting from wrong strategy to wrong model choice. But beyond that, something is fundamentally wrong in the way we are approaching advertising in this country. And this training will try to address that.

Doing effective advertising is not dependent on your agency, your budget or how clever you are. It comes from the basic understanding of your brand, your buyer and how you can create a simple connection between these two.

Everyday price of media is increasing in Bangladesh. And everyday thousands of brands are wasting their money on doing advertising that doesn’t work. The best example of an ineffective advertising is the one that does not help selling your brand.

Leaving it to luck is not the answer. Neither is not doing it by getting afraid.

Learning from the best advertising practices around the world and adapting it for local needs, this training will try to teach advertising tools that can help change the future of your business. While there is neither a short cut nor a guarantee for success, learning the essential tips of advertising will increase the likelihood that you can also get help from advertising your products and brands.

Since advertising itself is a vast field, we will talk about one of the least costly but most widespread mass media for advertising – Print. This training will tackle all aspects of print advertising, mainly how to create effective newspaper, brochure and magazine advertising.

How is this training different:
1. This is a training that is made for Bangladeshi business people and executives with Bangladeshi examples in Bangladeshi context

2. The best advertising lessons from around the world are condensed into 13 small, easy to implement steps

3. No jargon and theory is used, only practical solutions that anyone can implement

4. The participants will actually know how to implement the ideas learned through small group and individual assignments and tasks

5. No lecturing, only “Learning by doing” method


Group Work & Presentation
Interactive Lecture

Contents of Training:

A. What exactly advertising can do for your brand

B. The basic difference between an effective and ineffective advertising campaign

C. How to conduct advertising in a small budget

D. How to create great print advertisements

E. The role of media in effectiveness of advertisements

F. Do’s and don’ts of magazine advertisements

G. Basic structure of advertising – Heading, Visual, Copy and what you should know about it

H. The role of emotion in advertising

I. Successful advertising campaign from abroad as well as local

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Anyone who currently owns a business in Bangladesh, or working in sales or marketing anywhere in the country in any level can greatly benefit from this training.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.