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Strategic Financial Modelling with Microsoft Excel


Focused on Technical and Business Skills

When you’re the person sitting on the top of organizational hierarchy with the responsibilities of deciding on the future of a £20m project, you’re truly in need of lots of information. You need to know every avenue that can be explored to achieve the maximum return on the £20m fund. You need to know every possible risk that can put your project in disarray. Knowing everything entitles you to take the best strategic decision. A sophisticated spreadsheet model containing financial and other strategic particulars will let you know every aspect of your project and take the best decision.

Key objective of the course “Strategic Financial Modelling with Microsoft Excel” is to enable to participants to use Microsoft Excel as a strategic business tool rather than just a simple office kit. At the end of the course the participants will be able to “Produce sophisticated, comprehensive and dynamic Financial Models” with–
• Understanding the Life cycle of financial models;
• Model planning and documentation skills;
• Exclusive skills in Microsoft Excel;
• Risk management and optimization techniques;
• Financial and statistical analysis;
• Error handling techniques;
• Adding security in the models;
• Adding licensing features;
• Packaging and distributing the model with additional documents;
• Monitoring, Controlling and Protecting the Models online and off-line.


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

Part One:Planning and Documentation Skills
1.1 Understand the Modelling Scenario and Assess Feasibility;
1.2 Acquire and Understand Customer Requirements;
1.3 Decide on the Model Type;
1.4 Data Collection;
1.5 Setting Assumptions;
1.6 Identifying Outputs;
1.7 Design the Model Structure;
1.8 Documentation.

Part Two: Technical Skills for Model Development
2.1 Exclusive Microsoft Excel Skills

2.1.1 Fundamental Concepts of Spreadsheets;
2.1.2 Intelligent Data Entry Techniques in Excel;
2.1.3 Functions Relevant to Financial Modelling;
2.1.4 Creating Dynamic Model Interface;
2.1.5 Excel Power Tools for Enhancing Model Features;
2.1.6 Using Macro and VBA;
2.1.7 Charts and Graphs in Excel.

2.2 Risk Management, Optimization, Statistics and Finance Techniques
2.2.1 Risk Management Tools;
2.2.2 Optimization Techniques and Monte Carlo Simulation;
2.2.3 Various Statistical Analyses;
2.2.4 Areas of Finance that are of Modelling Interest;
2.2.5 Financial Functions in Excel and their Uses.

Part Three: Post-Development Activities
3.1 Testing your Model;
3.2 Finding Errors using Excel’s Error Handling Tools;
3.3 Assigning Security;
3.4 Adding Help Files and other Documents;
3.5 Copyrighting and Licensing;
3.6 Packaging the Model and Distributing;
3.7 Monitoring and Controlling your Models over Internet.

Part Four: Case Studies and Production of Real-life Business/Financial Models
4.1 Case Study: Production of Financial Model for Island Wind Energy Ltd (Investment Analysis).
4.2 Case Study: Production of Financial Model for Glass Brothers (Leveraged Buy-out).

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People who’re involved in financial decision making, financial analysts, financial controllers, and anyone who wants to be a financial modelling expert.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.