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Becoming Data Scientist with PowerBI and Excel


Data scientist, according to a 2012 Harvard Business Review article, is the hottest job of the 21st century.

Keeping that in mind, Microsoft has just released their best product yet in this Year and they named it PowerBI. PowerBI collects data from any data source, cleans up and transform the data and then finally turn it to a visually appealing dashboards and publish it so that you can play it from Desktop, Website or using you Smart Phone App!!! This is incredible.

How the Course is structured?
The course will take you from an Intermediate Level to a Super User Level through hands on practice. Initially we will start with Excel Pivot Table, then gradually move on to other Business Intelligence Component Microsoft has introduced in 2013, PowerPivot and PowerView. Then we will jump into PowerBI, play with it, make some dashboards and then publish it in our website which we will see from your mobile app, Sounds Cool, right?


This will be an instructor led program delivered through hands on labs with real life example. Audience will taste a new level of experience by attending the course.

Contents of Training:

Pivot Tables

Pivot Table is the most powerful feature of Microsoft Excel. The dream tool for any analysts. These lessons will help you to full up and running with pivot table! The topics include
• Creating a Pivot Table
• Changing a Pivot Table
• Pivot Gotchas
• Pivot Formatting
• Drill Down
• Pivot Calculations
• Summarizing Dates
• Pivot Sorting
• Filtering Row Fields
• Top 10 Report
• Filtering a Pivot Table with Slicers
• Slicers on Two Pivot Tables
• 50 Reports in 5 Seconds

PowerPivot is the best thing that Microsoft has produced in last 20 years. These lessons will help you harness the power of PowerPivot! The topics include:
• Using the Data Model in Excel 2013 to Join Two Tables
• Getting data in PowerPivot
• Load Data into PowerPivot
• Define Relationships in the PowerPivot Window or Diagram View
• Creating the Pivot Table - Compare Choices
• Changing the Calculation from Sum & Other Differences

Power View
Get Amazed by this New Feature of Excel 2013. Build Amazing Interactive Dashboards using PowerView! These topics will make you up and running with PowerView:
• Preparing your data for PowerView
• Adding a Power View Worksheet
• Adding a Dashboard Element as a Table
• Converting Table to a Chart
• Explicit and Implicit Slicers
• Understanding the Filter Pane
• Using Tile Boxes
• Replicating Charts Using Multiples
• Showing Data on a Map
• Showing Images in Table or Card View
• Formatting Power View
• Animating a Scatter Chart over Time

PowerBI is the complete Business Intelligence Solution from Microsoft. These lessons will help you harness the power of PowerBI!
The topics include:
Getting to know PowerBI Desktop
• Import Data from Various Data Source
• Checking the Data in “Data” Tab
• Making Couple of Reports from Single Table
• Build Model Joining Multiple Tables
• Build Reports Using the Model

Exploring Report Component:
• Bar Chart
• Column Chart
• Area Chart
• Line Chart
• Pie Chart
• Card
• Gauge
• Normal Table
• Matrix Table

Report Filter:
• Page Level Filter vs Report Level Filter
• Slicer

Publish Report in Web
• Create a PowerBI Account
• Save Report
• Publish Report
• Explore and View Report in Web

Getting to know PowerBI Web
• Dataset Segment
• Report Segment
• Dashboard Segment
• Pin Report to Dashboard
• Data Refreshing
• Security Group

Data and Report Exploration
• Explore PowerBI Report in Web
• Explore PowerBI Report in Mobile App
• Explore PowerBI Report in Pad App

Calculated Column and Table
• Basic Functions: Sum, Average, Min
• Date Functions: Year(), Month(), Day()
• The Powerful Format()
• The Super Cool Calculate Function
• Joining Two Column
• Calculated Table

• The tricky Sorting in Data Tab

• Data Type
• Number and Text Format
• Data Category

Visual Gallery
• Explore New Visuals
• Download a Visuals
• Import them in PowerBI Desktop

Get Data
• Get Data
• Exploring Samples
Sharing Your Data
• Invite Users

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If you are the Data Scientist or Data Analyst of your organization then this course is undoubtedly for you.