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Employee Engagement & Team Building


Employee Engagement is one of the great challenges of Modern Human Resource Management. Proper engagement of an employee in the organization can lead the organization one step ahead. Generally, we don’t measure our HR activities and also employee engagement. If we see the difference of employee engagement and disengagement, we will be in hurry to engage our employee.

Engagement at work is the willingness to give discretionary e¬ffort to a job. It means voluntarily doing more than the minimum. It is an attitude confirmed by behavior. An engaged employee is aligned to strategy and committed to delivering on his or her goals as well as the strategic goals of the company. The connection between engagement and higher performance is obvious and is well established in nationwide and global studies.

Engaged employees have higher productivity and higher quality work than those that are not engaged.

As HR Professionals play an important role in driving the business of an organization, so effective Employee Engagement skills of HR Professionals can only get ahead any organization to its expected success.

How participants will benefit after the course

The participants will be aware of :-
a. the conception of employee engagement
b. Improving employee engagement skills in Business
c. Employee Engagement Strategies
d. Measuring Employee Engagement
e. the impact of employee engagement
f. Employee performance will be improved
g. Company performance will be improved
h. Good environment will be ensured


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
2. What is Employee Engagement?
3. Categories of Engagement
4. General Composition of Engagement
5. Importance of Engagement
6. Engagement Drivers
7. Engagement Outcomes
8. Employee Engagement Strategies
9. Measuring Employee Engagement -The Right Questions
10. The 4 E’s of Employee Engagement
11. 15 Employee Engagement ideas
12. Recent Engagement trends
13. How do Experts look at engagement ?
14. Gallup Study : Importance of Employee Engagement on Organization Economics
15. Hewitt: Engagement Framework : Six Categories to Drive Engagement
16. Aon Hewitt : Engagement Model
17. Sibsons Engagement Framework
18. Methods of engaging employees – from entry to exit
19. Managers Role in Driving Engagement
20. How Managers can Drive Engagement?
21. Role of Top Management
22. Employee Engagement using Social Media
23. Measuring Engagement : Hewitt Methodology
24. Gallups Q12

Team Building:
25. 5 w’s of Team Building
26. Team building through action
27. Team Building through activities.

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19 th floor (East), BDBL Building (Old BSRS)
12 Karwan Bazaar
Dhaka - 1215

HR Professionals
Would-be Entrepreneurs
HR Executives from any business firm, NGOs, Trust, Foundation
Any other persons having special interest in Employee Engagement.
Asst. Managers & Managers.
General Managers/Directors
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.