How to Promote Business on YouTube training centre in Bangladesh


How to Promote Business on YouTube


In the era of virtual world YouTube is one of the widely used platforms for promoting products, services and a business as a whole. This training will enable participants to develop and enhance skills on YouTube. By attending this training participants will be able to identify the scope and uses of YouTube in promoting products and business.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Video Demo, Practice, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. Basics of YouTube

2. Layout of YouTube

3. How To Find And Use YouTube Advanced Search?

4. YouTube Video Features

5. How to create a New YouTube Channel?

6. Optimizing a YouTube Channel.

7. YouTube Channel Verification process.

8. How to upload a Video on YouTube?

9. Secrets of the Video Title , Description & Tag Sections

10. Quality vs. Quantity

11. Consistency is King

12. How to Transcribe Your Videos for Free (Without Typing)?

13. Views Come Before Subscribers

14. How to setup Annotations to get more views and subscribers?

15. Do You Need Help To Understand A Copyright Issue With Your Video?

16. How Content ID works?

17. How to Monetize a YouTube video to earn money?

18. YouTube earning Calculation.

19. YouTube Live Streaming Process.

20. Branding to get views and Subscribers.

21. How To Analyse The Most Important YouTube Feature

22. Easy Video Editing process through Camtasia Studio.

23. How to spy on your competitor's keywords on YouTube and optimize your video rank

24. Easy And Successful Ways To Add Backlinks From Your YouTube Channel

25. Digital YouTube Marketing

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Anyone can join who has interest to learn and promote products and service offering through YouTube. Individual and Organization which trend to promote their Business with YouTube.