Proof- Read to Perfection training centre in Bangladesh


Proof- Read to Perfection


This structured workshop will give you a process for proofreading that will raise accuracy and readability to new heights. You will learn the key proofreading skills necessary to remove errors consistently and improve writing quality. Working in small groups, you will take part in a variety of accuracy-based exercises, which will build your confidence and effectiveness in proofreading.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to proof- read systematically
Find and correct common errors
Improve your writing accuracy


Group activity

Contents of Training:

Proofreading vs. editing
The importance of proofreading Understanding reading
How and why we read
Word shapes
Grammar: verbs, nouns and articles
Factual accuracy
Spelling & Proofreading marks
Individuals who are responsible for professional business documents.
Anyone who desires to work at Publication Industry.