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Email Marketing with Examples


Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of building audience for your Business. Where building an email list is the single most important activity. You will not believe how easy to collect Emails and email marketing process. You may also prefer to use email marketing tool which can help to maintain the relationship with your current customers.

At the end of this course, you will be confident to launch your first campaign on Most popular Email Marketing Platform.

How Participants will benefit after the course :
# How Email Marketing Platforms Free version can help you.
# How to create Email List.
# How to import emails into Email Marketing Platform.
# How to design the campaign with Confidence.
# How the Analytics system works.
# How Email marketing can help on the Social Media Marketing sector.
# How to install plugin for Wordpress etc.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Video Demo, Practice, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. What is Email Marketing ?
2. Why Email Marketing is so Powerful ?
3. Every Business can increase Sales through Email Marketing.
4. Examples of How businesses can Benefit from Email Marketing
5. How Email Marketing gives you Leverage ?
6. What's the Difference between Legitimate Email Marketing and SPAM ?
7. What Email Marketing Service is best for you ?
8. Why FREE Email Marketing services are Dangerous ?
9. Do you Need a Website to Utilize Email Marketing ?
10. The Money is in the List
11. How to Build an Email List
12. The Most Popular List Building and Email Marketing Tools
13. How LinkedIn can help you ?
14. Introduction to Most Popular E-Mail Marketing Platform.
15. Add a Contact us Form with a Wordpress Plugin
16. Email Campaign types
17. Email Campaign setup options.
18. Choosing the Right Template for your Email.
19. Descriptive Titles and Email Inclusions
20. Effective Call to Action.
21. Sending your Email Campaign
22. Analyzing Emails
22. A/B Test Made Simple.
23. The Biggest Email Marketing Myth.
24. Strengths of Email Marketing
25. Weaknesses of Email Marketing
26. Dos and Don'ts of Email Marketing
27. 6 steps to Effective Email.

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Marketing/ Sales
# Business owners who dont currently have an email marketing tool.
# People who are interested about Email Marketing.
# Online Marketers that want to bring the best email marketing tool for their clients.
# Who want to grow his small business by using Email Marketing.
# Anyone who wants to learn email marketing.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.