Better E-Mails and Letters training centre in Bangladesh


Better E-Mails and Letters


The informative workshop develops the writing skills you need to make you and your readers’ lives easier. You will participate in games, quizzes and video-based learning activities. You will write both letters and e-mails and receive feedback from your trainer and other course participants on how to improve.

After attending this training participants will:
•Feel more confident in their ability to write e-mails and letters which are effective and look professional.
•Be able to develop better working relationship through writing.
•Know their own strength and weakness and have some specific strategies to improve.



Contents of Training:

Learning Objectives

One can expect to learn how to:
• Adapt e-mails and letters to different audiences and situations.
•Plan and organize your writing to fit your purpose.
•Write and edit your work to make it clear, concise and easy to understand.

•Why use plain English?
•A three stage writing process

Getting started
•Adapting your writing to different readers.
•Making your purpose and follow-up action clear.

•Difference between e-mails and letters
•Writing effective headings
•Two different letter and e-mail structure
•Choosing the most appropriate structure.

•Avoiding old-fashioned language
•Understanding active and passive sentences
•Using positive language

•Writing number and bulleted list
•Balancing completeness and conciseness
•Removing wordiness

Grammar Review
•Understanding common errors
•Past forms
• Will/would

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