Interpersonal Communication Skills for Organizational Excellence training centre in Bangladesh


Interpersonal Communication Skills for Organizational Excellence


Effective communication is an important element of success for every organization, leader, manager, supervisor, and employee. Good communication skills are a prerequisite for advancement in most fields and are keys to exercising influence both within and beyond the work group. This workshop on Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace prepares participants to communicate effectively, both within their organizations and in whatever business or professional situations they encounter.
It emphasis on understandings of interpersonal communications, new communication technologies, and new organizational practices that include wider spans of management control, greater employee empowerment and team-based activities, persuasive communications, techniques for generating ideas and solutions.

Benefits of organization: The organization may achieve the following through the impact of the learning:
1.Harmony in the workplace
2.Health competition among the employees that lead the success
3.Cooperative approach of employees
4.TEAM bondage among the employees
5.Effective supervision from the Heads
6.Self motivation of employees

Benefits of the participants: participants will be able to:
1.Do SWOT analysis through self assessment exercise
2.Create and maintain chain of work for better result
3.Understand human difference for empathy
4.Learn to recognize the unspoken language and use it to enhance what they are trying to get across to others
5.Use the power of feedback in the work place
6.To alter or affect the attitudes, beliefs, or actions of others through persuasion
7.Generate ideas and solutions that are vital for the organizational excellence


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

Communication creates the first impression:
# What, when, how and why
# Either ‘Communicate` or ‘FAIL`
# Damage Done by Poor Communications
# Three Factors that Contribute to Poor Communication

Communication Leads Business Success
# Components of Business Success or organizational Success
# Communication that drive People towards Success
# Success Vs Failure: Route cause is Communication

Work chain &Interpersonal Communication:
# Interpersonal Communication and Chain of Commands
# Effect of Interpersonal Communication in:
# Establishing Accountability
# Delegation
# Healthy competition
# Aligning business goal with departmental goal
# Aligning personal-professional-organizational goal achievement

Leadership & Interpersonal Communication
# Attributes of a Leader
# Competencies of a Leader
# Role of Interpersonal Communication in Leadership excellence

TEAM work & Interpersonal Communication
# TEAM Dynamics
# Competencies for being TEAM Player
# Competencies for being TEAM Leader
# Role of Interpersonal Communication for a successful TEAM

Personality Dimension
# Personality Differences
# Personality Types and Communication Issues
o Communicating with Extraverts and Introverts
o Communicating with Sensing and Intuitive Types
o Communicating with Thinking and Feeling Coworkers
o Communication Between Judging and Perceiving People

When You Aim to Persuade
# Persuasion: An Essential Workplace Skill
# The Language of Persuasion

Organization at new height:
# Generating New Ideas and Solutions
# Communicate and implement

Communication Challenges at Workplace
# New Communication Challenges—and Their Solutions
# Framing Problems & its solution
# Solving the Any Place, Any Time Communication Challenge

# Not ‘Talk Show` rather ‘Talk & Show`
# Verbal Communication: Beyond the Words
# Nonverbal Communication: A Powerful but Unspoken Language
# Guidelines for Effective Nonverbal Communication
# Self-Assessment and Improvement in Four Key Categories
o Gestures
o Body Posture and Position
o Facial Expressions
o Eye Contact
# Aligning Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Feedback and its Chemistry:
# ‘Feedback` not ‘Feed Back`
# Listening Goes Beyond Hearing
# Feedback ensures RESULT
# Recipe for Negative Feedback

Role of Interpersonal Communication in applying other Soft Skill
Junior to mid level employees of any department