KPI Master Class: Design, Implement and Measure KPI training centre in Bangladesh


KPI Master Class: Design, Implement and Measure KPI


If you were to eavesdrop on just about any management or executive meeting,strategy session or performance review in any business you wouldhear the term ‘KPI` mentioned many times in many different contexts. Mostpeople in those discussions would know that the acronym stands for KeyPerformance Indicators but if you pressed each person to explain what a KPIactually is, it`s likely that you would hear many different definitions.
Business is challenging, especially during difficult economic times. It is alsoextremely competitive and our customers are becoming increasingly discerning.As a result business leaders and senior executives are all looking toimprove performance, minimize errors and seek out new and novel ways togain the edge over their competition. KPIs ** when properly understood andused effectively provide a powerful tool in achieving just that.
KPIs are a ubiquitous in modern business. They are everywhere ** commonalmost. And yet businesses that are using KPIs correctly and effectively arenot common. Knowing about KPIs and understanding their relevance is ofcourse important and we`ll explore these essential topics in this workshop. But,when push comes to shove KPIs are only really useful if you identify theright ones to measure for your business and only measure those ones. Theywill only deliver mission critical data if you then use the KPIs and analyze what they tell you on a regular basis to inform and illuminate your decision making.


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

After completion of this course participants will be able to:
1. Understand the concept and practices of KPI
2. Use KPIs to drive performance
3. Determine which KPIs should be used and when
4. Design KPI for every employees
5. Measure and Communicate KPI insight effectively

Module-1: Takeoff by KPI airbus
o Concept, Practice and misconception about Key Performance Indicator [KPI]
o Characteristics of KPI
o Benefit of KPI
o Characteristics of organization which has KPI based system
o Types, Targets and KPI Mistakes
o Practicing KPI in everywhere: in Personal Life, in Social Life and in Professional Life

Module-2: Success Management System [SMS] vs Performance Management System [PMS]
o Concept & Practice of traditional Performance Management System
o Concept & Application of Success Management System Model: Competency-Engagement-Effort-Performance-Profit [CEEPP]Model
o Importance and Impact of SMS
o Strategies for linking individual performance to Organizational Profit
o Measure Performance through Balance Sheet Analysis

Module-3: KPI based Performance Management System
o Characteristics of KPI based Performance Management System [PMS]
o Importance & Benefits of KPI based PMS
o How to link individual performance to Profit

Module-4: Methods & Techniques for Right KPI Selection
o Meaning of RIGHT KPI
o KPI Selection/ development technique
o Role of individual of KPI implementation project
o Developing Key Performance Questions
o 10 Step process for developing KPI
o KPI selection criteria
o KPI balancing
o Techniques for giving weightage of KPI

Module-5: Design and Alignment of KPI for different level
o Design organizational KPI
o Techniques for cascade down of KPI towards individual
o Design Functional/ Departmental KPI
o Design Individual KPI
o Techniques for making alignment of KPI of all level

Module-6: Developing Financial KPIs:
o The holy grail of business: Revenue and profit KPI
The bottom line: Gauging Profit
Measuring Profit Margin
The top-line: Measuring profit growth
o The ones you cannot take your eyes off: Liquidity and cash flow KPI
Tracking your cash
Looking out of your liquidity
o Reporting to the master: Shareholder and value added KPI
The ultimate value matric: EVA
Tracking total shareholder return [TSR]
o Measuring your financial efficiency
Assessing Return on Investment
Measuring Return of Capital Employed [ROCE]
Gauging Return on Equity [ROE]
Understanding Return on Asset [ROA]

Module-7: Developing customer, sales and marketing KPIs
o Customers are always right: Measuring your success regarding winning of customer though
Net Promoter Score [NPS]
Customer Satisfaction Index [CSI]
Customer`s Value Index [CVI]
o Measuring the Market and your Place in it:
Market growth rate
Market Share
Customer Acquisition KPI
Charting the power of your brand

Module-8: Developing Operational and Internal Process KPI
o Measuring Project Performance
Measuring internal efficiency and quality
Productivity KPI
Quality, Lean and Six sigma KPI
o Measuring IT performance

Module-9: Measuring your most important Asset: Developing HR & People KPI
o Measuring People Performance
Satisfaction Index
Engagement Index
Value generating index
o Measuring Human Resource Performance

Module-10: KPI Assessment Framework
o Design Assessment Framework for individual level KPI
o Design Assessment Framework for Functional/ Organizational level KPI
o Design detail score option for every KPI
o Design standard measurement tools aligning with KPI Assessment Framework
o Awareness and training of Assessor of KPI assessment

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