Corporate Etiquettes training centre in Bangladesh


Corporate Etiquettes


Understand the concepts of business etiquette and learn how to apply business etiquette rules in a wide variety of typical business situations.

Then you know just how agonizing such moments can be. Even worse (and what can be even more damaging to your career) are the social gaffes you aren`t even aware you make. This workshop will help you handle most of those socially difficult moments. You`ll have an extra edge in areas that you may not have given a lot of thought of until now.

Course Objectives: After completing this course, participants will know how to:
o Create a professional image, follow cubicle and office etiquette, and maintain positive office relationships.
o Use the Internet appropriately when at work and handle ethical dilemmas and personal issues in the workplace.
o Introduce people properly, be a good conversationalist, and follow proper etiquette in meetings.
o Display courtesy on the telephone, in voice mails, and in written communications.
o Follow proper etiquette at business functions and dinners, and identify formal table settings for business dining.
o Be a courteous traveler and prepare for international business trips.


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

o Foundation: Business Etiquette Basics
o The Importance of Introductions
o The Skill of Making Small Talk
o The Handshake
o E-mail etiquette
o Dining etiquette
o Telephone etiquette
o Office etiquette
o Meeting etiquette
o Business card etiquette
o Cubicle etiquette
o Dress etiquette
o Networking
Specifically Corporate personal; any manager in different segment; regular employee; beginner in corporate/private/government sector; customer service representative; customer service manager; anyone interested to learn about corporate/business etiquette
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.