Selling Skills for Show Room Sales Person training centre in Bangladesh


Selling Skills for Show Room Sales Person


Selling is a great profession. However, it is a profession to which many are called and for which few are chosen. What exactly does that mean? There are lots of salespeople. However, there are very few real sales professionals—people who are well compensated, deliver great value to their customers, and experience long-term career success year after year.

Sales is a science that, when practiced correctly, becomes an art form. However, not everyone has the talent to be a great artist. Unfortunately, the same is true for sales. Successful selling requires work, study, diligent practice, and endless hours of work.

The unanswered question is simply this: how hard are you willing to work? No strategy, tactic, technique, or principle will work unless you work. The challenge is yours.

All sales are not equal. Show room sales is quite different than other types of selling. In Show room you are getting very less time to prepare yourself for a sales call. Even you may not have scope to know the customer as well. Considering these big different characteristics this workshop has been designed particularly for Showroom based Sales People.


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

Module-1: Awareness and Preparation
• Know yourself: Attitude, Personality and Behavioral style
• Know the Company: SWOT of the Company
• Know your Product: Features, History and Competitive Advantage
• Key points for taking Preparation to face the customer

Module-2: Selling Skills and Technique
• 1 minute sales call
• Assessment of Customer: Type, Personality, purchase stage etc
• ‘Selling’ or ‘Helping’ to Buy
• Persuasion or Influence to take decision
• Complaint handling Technique
• Skills to negotiation without preparation

Module-3: Role, Responsibility and Task
• Role of Sales Person at Show room
• Responsibility regarding Product
• Responsibility regarding Merchandising
• Responsibility regarding Customer
• Responsibility regarding Service/ Information
• Daily Routine Tasks of a Sales person at Show room

Module-4: Customer Service Excellence
• Customer Service Etiquette
• Service at welcome stage
• Service during visiting the show room
• Service while purchasing
• After sales service

Module-5: Analysis, Assessment and Development
• Reporting Modalities for Sales Personnel
• Assessment of daily, weekly, monthly performance
• Assessment of Daily, weekly, monthly Information
• Assessment of personal development
• Action plan for personal development
• Improvement record weekly or monthly basis

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.