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Contact Center Management


An effective Contact center can be a valuable tool for any business. Driven by rapid changes in technology, social media, and consumer behavior, customer service expectations continue to increase to a greater extent. Superior customer service experience generates higher customer retention, loyalty and ultimately higher profits.

Running a Contact center operation is like running a business. Contact center managers are responsible for delivering high standards of service to the customers by making the most effective and efficient use of staff, technology & resources. They need to use a range of measurements to monitor, analyze and improve the Contact center performance. To meet these responsibilities, the manager must be a combination of expert service provider, coach, trainer, mentor, and motivator. A successful Contact center manager must be competent not only in operational skills, but also be proficient in such traditional business disciplines such as strategic planning, fiscal management, organizational design, financial analysis, business process improvement, risk assessment, performance management, and more. For instance:
• Supervisory and Leadership Skills.
• Contact Center Metrics, Analytics and Reporting.
• Fundamentals of Service Quality.

Course Objective:
This training focuses on comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to manage a Contact center. Course content covers tactical management responsibilities, from the most fundamental tasks of hiring, training, coaching, maintaining morale, forecasting, scheduling, and using performance metrics; all the way through quality assurance, cost management, strategy, leadership etc.

After successful completion of the training the participants will be able to:
• Assess the current state of their Contact center .
• Know the Key metrics and the relationship between metrics.
• Know the best practices for forecasting call volume, work load, and scheduling staff.
• Develop the scorecard approach for monitoring key metrics and reporting results to upper management.
• Create a Contact center Standard Operating Procedures manual that includes best practices for customer handling, documentation and customer service.
• Establish quality monitoring requirements & develop monitoring forms.
• Establish training plans for new hires, mentoring, and on-going training.
• Build a road map for implementing performance improvement and process improvement plans.
• Prepare a business case to justify staffing needs to upper management.
• Recruit and hire superior customer service representatives.
• Know the process of Resource optimization.
• Develop customer insight management module.
• Set Goals for Customer Service to contribute to organizational goals.


Interactive Lecture, Video clips, Role Play, Practical exercise, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Understanding of Customer service & management skill.
• Importance of customer service.
• Definition of Management Skills.

2. Contact center Structure and Business Functions.
• Life of Customer interaction ( Voice, Non-voice).

• Service diversification.
• Call center terminology.
• Contact center solution.

3. Service quality maintenance.
• How to structure call handling process, from greeting to closure.
• Service quality evaluation process.
• Call debriefing process.
• Call calibration process.
• FCR ( First call resolution).

4. Workforce management.
• How to calculate work load/ forecasting.
• Proper staff deployment process.
• Performance management.
• Resource Optimization.

5. SLA, KPI’s for an Contact center.
• How to prepare SOP, KPI dash board etc.
• How to control KPIs (AHT, Service level, Wait time etc).
• Compliance, HR & administration.

6. Customer insight management.
• Definition, necessity & challenges.
• The Customer Insights Solution.

7. Project management.
• Basic project management process.
• Top 10 problems with outsourcing.
• Revenue generation projects.

8. Planning Good Customer Service.
• Create a Customer Service Vision. Set Goals for Customer Service.
• Observe and report customer needs.
• Be proactive in improving service.
• Train on Service Skills (Use Work Completion Checklists/ service template).
• Effective Communication in the Workplace.
• Reward and Recognize for Good Service. (EOM, TOM)

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• Leaders responsible for forming a Contact center department or business.
• Outsourcing entrepreneurs.
• Any New Manager or Non Manager.
• Company senior and top management.
• Individuals who want to develop career in Customer service.
• IT, human resources, marketing, and other professionals that support or interface with the company Contact center or help desk.
• Consultants and sales professionals with Contact center clients and prospects.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.