TNA, Budget & ROI of Training training centre in Bangladesh


TNA, Budget & ROI of Training


The training function is becoming an increasingly important element of organizational and individual employee success. As jobs have become more technical and organization specific, there are fewer candidates whose qualifications meet such requirements. The need for a 'pair of hands' is diminishing as the need for technological knowledge and abilities is increasing.

New jobs are continually being created, and new equipment and systems introduced to existing jobs. Some jobs are vanishing, and many whose jobs are eliminated do not have the needed skills for the positions that are now available. In addition, many organizations have found it difficult to locate people who possess what were previously considered the necessary basic English, communication, and mathematical skills. All of these conditions require the type of expertise training can provide, so training is called on to make available the types of employees required.

A change in the economy may also create different types of training needs. When the economy is strong and employment is increasing, a high level of new employee training is required. So, identification of right training need is very much essential for the success of the training. At the same time evaluation or impact assessment are also very vital for furthering the training sessions for the organization. So in the total training cycle TNA, ROI plays very vital role for the continuation of training decision for any organization.

This training will give hands on experience to the participants for conducting perfect TNA, making the economic and efficient budget and conducting the impact assessment or Return on investment for every training to ensure the Monterey return of training. So that the Management will be encouraged to allow more training for the development of the individual as well as organization.

Outcome of the Program: After completion of the program, the participants will be able to
• Design TNA program for the organization
• Conduct TNA perfectly
• Prepare effective and efficient training Budget
• Evaluate Training Program
• Measure the Return on Investment for every program
• Convert qualitative result into monetary value for calculation


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

Module-1: Training Need Assessment
Session-1: Assess your present Training Function
• Analyze your training department’s effectiveness
• Analyze your training department’s organization

Session-2: Planning & Procedure for need identification
• Distinguish between Organizational and Employee Training Needs
• Identifying Possible Areas in Which People Need Training
• Planning to Identify Training Needs
• Procedures for Identifying Training Needs

Session-3: Implementing Specific Methods to Gather Information
• Standard Interviews
• Job Analysis Grid Interviews
• The Need-to-Know Process
• Performance Standards
• Meetings
• Questionnaires
• Tests and Assessments
• Combination Methods

Session-4: Finalizing Need analysis
• Combining Inputs and Reporting Results
• Transferring Training Needs to Training Objectives

Module-2: Training Budget
• Steps for budgeting
• Formats for budgeting
• Factors need to consider for Training Budget

Module-3: Return on Investment for Training
• Types of Training evaluation
• Kirkpatrick’s model of Training evaluation
• Concept & Practice of ROI of Training
• Model of ROI of Training
• Five Steps of ROI calculation
• Checklist for Cost – Benefit identification
• Method for conversion of qualitative improvement to monetary value

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.