Managerial Competencies for Organizational Excellence training centre in Bangladesh


Managerial Competencies for Organizational Excellence


Management is a craft—developed and built over time and with great care. Great managers link goals with results and facilitate the flow of work. They are the get-it-done people, and they can make a significant positive impact on business results. Being a manager is challenging. Managers deal with ever-changing demands, ambiguous priorities, barriers, breakdowns, and a full range of human emotions. Great managers are gifted in many ways and disciplines.

If your business results are unsatisfactory, we would assess the strategies and then see if your implementation engine—management—needs tuning. We like thinking about managers as the implementation engine because the term helps punctuate their importance. Often, however, the management function is not aligned to produce optimal results. You will want to ensure that management jobs are defined and clarified, and then you will want to make sure you arm your managers with the best tools and techniques possible.

Objective: After Successful completion of the Program, Participants will be:
1. Conversant about the modern methods of Management
2. Able to implement the Powerful technique to manage the PEOPE & TASK
3. Able to navigate the company as Strategists
4. Able to Performance Catalyst for self and team members
5. Able to convert Performance into Profit
6. Able to shift from ‘Profit Centre Concept` to ‘Profit Person Concept`


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

Module-1: Manager: A Powerful Force for Executing Results:
# The MARS formula
# Result Chain
# General Function/ Responsibility of Manager
# RACI Matrix for Role Clarification

Module 2: Managerial Competencies [MC] for 21st Century:
# Harvard Business Review for Managerial Mindset
# Area of Contribution for Managers
# Developing MC Matrix
# The Lancaster Model for MC
# ATD`s model for Managerial Skill
# Self-Assessment: Managerial Competencies

Module-3: 7 Power Strategy for effective Managers:
# Power Strategy 1: Your Management A-B Boxes
# Power Strategy 2: Mind Your Metrics!
# Power Strategy 3: The Art of Planning
# Power Strategy 4: Results-Oriented Responses
# Power Strategy 5: Mastering Your Time
# Power Strategy 6: Right Decision Making for business excellence
# Power Strategy 7: Aligning Your Department for Success

Module 4: Lead the Workforce to peak the performance:
# Leadership Competency : Self-Assessment
# Role Profiling: Leader vs Manager
# 5 Performance Principle
# 5 Qualities of Leader who are winning the WAR of Talent
# Approaches of Corporate Leadership
# Employing the POWER of engaging leadership
# Creating a HIGH performing TEAM through Leadership
# Manager as Performance Catalyst

Module-5: Business Growth & Manager`s Role:
# Management Strategies that affect Business Growth
# Manager to CEO: Stairs of Business Decision
# Competitive Advantage for business Growth
# 5 Steps Model to ensure Business Growth
# Task of Manager in every step

Module-6: Role of Manager in Proficiency, Productivity, Profitability:
# Concept of PPP [Proficiency, Productivity & Profitability]
# Factors affecting PPP
# Drivers of PPP in organization
# Hindering Factors for PPP in organization

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.