Monitoring, Evaluation and Supervision training centre in Bangladesh


Monitoring, Evaluation and Supervision


Capacitated the participants for preparing and conducting monitoring and evaluation of a project or program effectively and efficiently in quality, as well as supervision of employees` work on the benchmark of organizational aspect.

Objective of the course:

After completion of the course, the participants will be able:

# To understand basics of monitoring
# To understand basics of Evaluation
# To understand basics of Logical Framework Approach-LFA
# To deference between monitoring, evaluation and supervision
# To understand Participatory Monitoring
# To know tools and technique of monitoring and evaluation
# Tow know PRA, PLA and others participatory development approaches
# To knowledge monitoring data collection, gathering and reporting.


• Interactive discussion • PowerPoint presentation • Brain Storming • Group Discussion • Video show • Exercise

Contents of Training:

1. Concept of Monitoring
2. Type of Monitoring
3. Steps of Monitoring
4. Concept of Evaluation
5. Conceptual over view of Supervision
6. Basics of Logical Framework Approach- LFA
7. Deference between monitoring and evaluation
8. Deference between monitoring, evaluation and Supervision
9. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
10. Area of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
11. Tools and technics of Monitoring and Evaluation
12. PRA, PLA, FGD, KII, Interview
13. Basics of Communication in monitoring and Supervision field,
14. Data collection, gathering and presentation
15. Preparing reports
High, Mid and Entry level Executives and Managers.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.