How to Engage Your Audience training centre in Bangladesh


How to Engage Your Audience


Your stories are more humane, more life-centered, more familiar than anything else. That’s why, audience can relate faster, get engaged deeper than anything.
Adding fun to those creates a comfortable environment, which in turn, creates great impact in engaging participants to learn more effectively.
People learn in their own ways. Some are visual learner, while some are auditory, and some feel good to learn kinesthetically, which is by physical movement. Some absolutely don’t learn without touching it. They don’t learn without physically experiencing it.
How you are going to manage a whole group consisting of such varied learners? Yes, that’s what this training is going to address.

Benefits from this training

* After attending this training, participants learn how to use
* Stories to effectively disseminate message
* Energizers to keep audience alert
* Games to engage audience in activities



Contents of Training:

* How people learn (NLP model)
* Use of Energizers
* Use of Games
* Use of Stories

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