Results Based Management Master Class training centre in Bangladesh


Results Based Management Master Class


Results Based Management (RBM) is a critical factor in ensuring the success of a program/ project/team management. It ensures that all aspects of designing, implementing and monitoring and evaluating a program/project/team management are done transparently and in a manner that ensures accountability. This RBM course strives to impart development practitioners with the essential skills that will help them in making better decisions throughout the program/ project life/team management.

Course Description:
The course is designed to help participants in:-
 Understanding what Results Management Is and is Not; Principles and Processes
 Putting Results Based Management into Practice
 Designing, Implementing and Monitoring Results Based Management Framework
 Mastering Principles and Practices of Risk Management

Emphasis is on Practical skills. Plenary presentation & Group Work with the use of templates, and practical tools will be supplemented with Knowledge Transfer Activities that each participant will develop and implement in their work. After-Training, follow-up and remedial coaching will be offered to interested participants and organizations on request. Only a small number of participants will be admitted for the training to ensure quality time utilization for each participant.


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

The training will cover the following areas:

1. Understanding Results Based Management:
 Overview and context of RBM
 Definition of RBM; Concepts and Principles
 RBM Process and Characteristics

2. Operationalizing Results Based Management:
 Pre-requisites; Leadership, Culture and Systems
 Cause and Effect Analysis; Situational Analysis
 Problem Analysis; Problem Tree
 Stakeholder Analysis
 Logical Framework

3. Performance Management Framework:
 Results Based Programming
 Results Based Costing and Budgeting
 Results Based Reporting
 Integrated Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

4. Risk Management:
 Identifying Risk
 Analysis of Risk Impact
 Mitigation Strategies
 Monitoring of Risk

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Agent; Team leader; Managers; CS professionals; Individuals