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Team Building.


Like it or not, teams are here to stay because of effective team usually produce first rate result.High performing team exhibit accountability; purpose cohesiveness and collaboration. How doyou turn a dysfunctional group into a productive team? Can you make a good team better? Findout the answer to both questions during a full schedule of active team building training.


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

 Joining forces: what makes a team
 The communication jungle ; Understanding different communication style
 Listening skill : Focusing for better team work
 Better question; better answers: Skills for eliciting communication
 It’s not what you say : Rephrasing for better relationships
 Difficult personalities and difficult situation
 Dealing with Dysfunction
 Lost in the desert : Team building survival skill
 Describe the team building process (forming; storming; norming; performing)
 Identify several teams building model
 Explain the four basic behavioral styles and how to manage each
 Demonstrate effective listening skill
 Rephrase blunt wording for better communication
 Identify team strength and opportunities
 Johari window of communication
 Emotional intelligence
 Overview of team dynamics
 Identify the trigger words and phrase

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Executives, Managers, Team Leaders and even CEOs of the organizations.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.