Easy Freelancing at upwork training centre in Bangladesh


Easy Freelancing at upwork


Upwork is more process oriented. Its whole system is so robust that you can depend on it. Unlike the other online market places, it checks your ability whether you’re really good at what you offer. Upwork takes the extra work of talking to you directly. Upwork gives you the opportunity to work at higher rate. Many times, it so happens that you get longer version of assignment at upwork. Its payment system? Awesome. Directly to your local bank. Get paid with whatever the currency is, you withdraw your fees in Taka.



Contents of Training:

1. Opening account

2. adding the payment system

3.Write an effective profile

4.Connecting your local bank to payment system

5.Incase upwork interviews you – how to handle

6.How to find jobs

7.How to apply for jobs

8.How to manage clients

9.You’ve got the job – now what?

10.How to maintain reputation

11.Type of jobs you may learn in this course:

12.Email marketing

13.Facebook/instagram marketing

14.Image design for marketing

15.Proposal writing & design

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Anyone who is involved in freelancing.