Building Better Workplace Relationship training centre in Bangladesh

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Building Better Workplace Relationship


Corporate and non-corporate e.g. NGOs entities require a very effective and result oriented workplace relationship in order to climb up the success ladder. This could be defined as relationships pertaining to people interacting in a business environment. This might include relationships between co-workers, between employees and managers, between employees and customers or between employees and even with the vendors. A better workplace relationship seemed absent in many places as we don’t know the trick of maintaining this. For that reason, BDJOBS felt to launch this short course on Workplace Relationship, who want to build better work relationships, maximize impact, increase productivity, and drive results by applying effective communication and relationship management.Learning from the course

Learning from the course could be as follows:
1. Workplace relationship, what & why.
2. Tips on maintaining a better workplace relationship.
3. Techniques of ensuring best possible relationship with the colleagues, and to
Learn why successful work-relationships help build successful careers!


Methodology of the course would be interactive with visual presentation including discussion and Q-A.

Contents of Training:

Session-1: Workplace relationship, what & why
This inaugural session would provide a clear idea about workplace relationship and why it is important for any person working with different entities e.g. corporate & non-corporate sectors like NGOs

Session-2: Issues and benefits of a better workplace relationship
There are certain elements to achieve a better workplace relationship and also the benefits of those elements would be provided in this session of the course.

Session-3: How to build effective workplace Relationship
The session would provide a vivid idea about the techniques of building an effective workplace relationship.

Session-4: Characteristics of Professionalism & Examples
There are different characteristics of professionalism, which ultimately supports in creating a better relationship and some examples would also be provided in this session.

Session-5: Ethics & its Characteristics
Ethical behavior and characteristics of good work ethics are also a in important elements to create an effective workplace & better relationship in the workplace.

The course would also be concluded after an open discussion and Q-A.

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Executives, Managers, Admin professionals, Bankers, Accountants, IT Professionals, Trainers, Management Trainees, Supervisors, Officers at any level and interested persons who want to upgrade their workplace relationships
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.