Industry Based Electrical Safety Training training centre in Bangladesh


Industry Based Electrical Safety Training


We rely on electricity. But sometimes we underestimate its capability of causing injury. Generally, we use three phase (440 volts) electricity in our workstations. A very little amount of electricity, even household current (120 volts) can stop your heart. All personal needs to be aware of the hazards electricity poses, such as shock, fire, and explosion, and either eliminate or control those hazards. Clear understanding and implementation of electrical safety can save our lives.

Benefits of this course: Relate to the overall electrical safety concept/principle, basic framework and requirements of electrical safety in the context of national and international regulations;
 Use and integrate the learning to electrical safety audit in basic level and identify the potential corrective action plans;
 Support in future training and advisory services to the factories and other stakeholders.
 Understand electrical fire, explosion, and its prevention

Participants will be able to:
 Start implementation of a safe system of work
 Able to measure their own performance
 Clear about the electrical hazard, risk, control and prevent
 Clear about fire extinguishers for different fire


1. Ice breaking session
1. Power point lecturers
3. Discussion Session/ Case Study
4. Quiz
5. Group Exercise
6. Q&A Session etc

Contents of Training:

Session I:

# Icebreaking session
# Current electrical safety issues in Bangladesh
  Basic Electrical safety
# Energy, sources of energy, consumption
# Overview of electrical safety, Quiz
Risk Assessment and Hazard Management
# Definition and Benefits of Risks and Hazards, control Measures
# Quiz/Case study

Session II:
Best Practice and Audit Protocol
# General findings
# National & International best practice
# Quiz/Case study
# Primary control measure for electrical safety
# A common understanding of practices and procedures to be used
# understand key roles and responsibilities
Electrical PPE
# Understand the PPE requirements for electrical safety

Session III:
Measuring performance and routine testing
# Auditing
o Learn before an incident/injury happens
o Proactive - provides a leading indicator
# Incident Investigation
o Learn after the incident/injury happens
# Reactive - provides lagging indicator
# Safe System of Work
o Job planning
o Work in normal hazard equipment
o My Electrical Safety Principles

Session IV:
# Knowledge Sharing
# Q&A Session

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