Leadership: Fundamental Senses & Practice at Workplace training centre in Bangladesh


Leadership: Fundamental Senses & Practice at Workplace


The definition of leadership varies in respect of different sectors. To make a long lasting impact to help achieve the vision, mission, values, strategies and goals, great leaders often have to compromise lots of complain traits and skills. The motto of this program is to:

- Empower both formal and informal leaders as authentic in transaction behavior
- Enable to perform highest level of organizational activities.
- Face the challenges to achieve their objectives and prepare for both inward and outward customer development.

Future global leaders require a positive mindset and acquire competencies in vogue based on the latest findings of neuroscience and psychology, I.e., how a leader can get competitive advantage. Using all the human senses (5 senses along with the 6 senses)
Develop your leadership skill and walk away with a practical managerial toolkit.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:
1. Learn the basic skills and techniques required for effective and efficient people management.
2. Understand people in an organizational context.
3. Learn how leader can inspire passion & trust among their team members & customers.
4. Understand ‘Management` in an organizational context and their relevant functions.
5. Understand ‘Leadership` and its attributes` in organizational context.
6. Learn the core leadership traits & skills required to effectively manage people in an organization.
7. Understand ‘Leadership pitfalls` that a leader or manager must avoid.
8. To conduct self-assessment

- Becoming successful leader with proper leadership mindset.
- Acquiring iconic features of leadership and inspire the followers.
- Understanding the leadership responsibilities and bring about sustainable change.


To play role based on practical or real life scenario, individual/ group experience, sharing interactive lecture, power point presentation, group work/ exercise/ case study, video clips & Q & A.

Contents of Training:

1. Concept of Leadership
- Who is a leader
- Effective leadership
- Leaders VS managers & Leading VS Managing
- Theories of leadership
- 4 dimensions of leadership
- Leaders are born or made?
- Universal characteristics of leadership
- Leadership traits and qualities.
- Leadership competencies and styles
- Role of leadership in an uncertain situation.

2. New Fundamentals of Leadership
- Contemporary management concepts
- Skills & tools managers need to be successful leaders
- Programs as effective tools to make a team work better to achieve organizational objectives
- Innovative & Inspiring
- Collaborate & Disciplined
- Focused & Flexible
- Guarding & Growing
- Agile & Authentic
- Bold & Bullish
- Humorous & Hardworking
- Energetic & Empowering

3. Leading with Senses:
- My personal leadership style
- My leadership wheel
- Leading with head
 Psychology
 The human communication programing
 Achieve your success
 U view point
 Universal rules for positive perspective
- Leading with heart
 Sensitivity
 Requirements
 Fact tight the stress
 Supremacy/ Power of leadership
 Reliability
 Levels of reliability
- Leading with hands
 Agreement framework
 Motivation
 Action plan

4. The personal power of Leadership
- 4 quadrants
- Success & achievements
- Self-assessment assertive techniques
- How to say no
- Emotional Intelligence & audit
- Intentionality & action plan
- Agility
- Commitment
- The resilient mindset
- Chunk down process
- Stress Management

5. Effective communication:
Communication theories, verbal communication, written communication, team communication, one to one communication, public speaking, Cases & exercises.

6. The power of Leading:
- Being of a role model
- Leading for engaging
- Leading for optimum performance
- Coaching towards Greatness
- Leading in turbulent times.
7. Corporate leadership:
- Leader VS corporate leader
- Competencies for corporate leadership
- Some Examples for Corporate leader
- Lead the team
- Corporate leadership & Organizational development
- Role Profile VS Disk profile of corporate leadership.
8. Exercise
- Communication style inventory
- Personal leadership style and leadership wheel
- Intentional inventory
- My personal agility
- Daily stress role
- Personal power assessment

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