Integrated Digital Marketing Service for Overseas Clients training centre in Bangladesh

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Integrated Digital Marketing Service for Overseas Clients


Skills that are easily available can be bought at cheap price. Marketing is a skill that customers are ready to pay whatever it takes. Why? Because it brings business and it is not very much available. Your marketing skill that generate leads for business is something that customers are looking for. Don’t you want to be someone customers are looking for?

This course gives marketing skills that enables businesses get leads. The best part is, all the tools that are taught here are connected with each other – with one common goal – to bring customers for your customers.

How participants will benefit after the course
After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to do email marketing, facebook marketing, google marketing and retargeting, landing page design, and chatbot development and messenger marketing for clients.



Contents of Training:

Session plan:

Module 1: Marketing with email system

Module 2: Marketing with Facebook

Module 3: Marketing with Google ads

Module 4: Landing page for generating leads

Module 5: Chatbot development and Messenger marketing

Anyone who is involved in freelancing.