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Tools and Techniques of Achieving Production Target and Quality


It has been observed that those who are working in the production and quality level do not have in-depth knowledge on the product and quality aspect of the product. Different types of garments has got different type of importance in quality. If the prime quality aspect is not understood by the people of production and quality then can not achieve good quality and production. It must be understood at all level that producing 60 pieces of production per hour with 3 pieces alter is much better than producing 100 pieces of garments with 90 pieces alter. Enhancement of Quality means enhancement of Productivity as such those who are dealing with garments must have good knowledge on all techniques on improvement of Quality and Productivity.


PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Lecture, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. What is Quality of Garments?

2. What is Productivity of Garments ?

3. How to analyse a product from Quality Point of View ?

4. How to analyse a Product from Production point of View ?

5. What is Work-study of any Product ?

6. What is Time-study of any Product ?

7. What is Standard Minute Value (SMV) of any Product ?

8. How to determine SMV of any Product ?

9. How to select Production Target for any Production Line ?

10. What all are the defects in Garments ?

a. Fabric defects.
b. Cutting defects.
c. Sewing defects.
d. Finishing defects.
e. Washing defects.
f. Printing defects.
g. Embroidery defects.
h. Defects on Value addition works.
i. Defects in Packing.

11. What all are the Quality aspects of a shirt ?

12. What all are the Quality aspects of a pant ?

13. How to improve the garments quality ?

14. How to improve the garments productivity ?

15. How to balance a Production Line ?

16. What is Quality of Fabric ?

17. What is Quality of Cutting ?

18. What is Quality of Sewing ?

19. What is Quality of Washing ?

20. What is Quality of Finishing ?

21. What is Stitching Quality ?

22. What is Measurement Quality ?

23. What is Lab-Test Quality and what all are the lab-test carried out in Garments ?

24. What is AQL ?

25. What is OQL ?

26. How to do the sampling for inspection ?

27. What is 7 Pieces Inspection as per JC Penney ?

28. What is Process Quality Check ?

29. What is End-Table Quality Check ?

30. What is Two-Hourly Inspection ?

31. What is Day-Final Inspection ?

32. What is Lot-Final Inspection ?

33. What is Pre-Final Inspection ?

34. What is Final Inspection and How to Conduct Final Inspection ?

35. What is Line Performance Evaluation ?

36. What is Floor Performance Evaluation ?

37. What is Factory Performance Evaluation ?

38. How to boost up the moral for Production and Quality ?

Any Question.



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Any owner of factory who wants know what will be his production target and how to Produce Quality Garments
Director/GM/DGM Production
GM/Head of Quality
Any Production Personnel who is having high ambition for carrier.
Any Quality Personnel who is having high ambition in for carrier.
Any body interested learn how to increase productivity and ensure quality.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.