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Project Selection Tools and Techniques


Strategic and Financial Perspective

Course Overview

While the functions of managing a project fall in operational management category, project selection is an exclusive domain of strategic and financial decision making. Success of a project lies on choosing the right project at the first point. The project managers merely execute the project activities; they have little control over the benefits of the project outcomes. Benefits of the project outcome will be primarily dependent on whether right project was chosen. Therefore, in today’s project based corporations selection of viable projects has become a crucial success factor.

This course is all about using the methods, tools and techniques available to measure the merits of the projects to decide on whether to pursue the projects or not. At the end of the course you will be able to –

1. Understand projects and identify criteria for choosing project selection models;

2. Identify project evaluation factors;

3. Understand and use non-numeric project selection models;

4. Understand and use numeric (profitability) project selection models;

5. Develop project scoring models;

6. Choose right information for project evaluation;

7. Understand and apply Project Portfolio Process;

Speciality of the Course
This is a case based course and extensively focused on gaining practical skills with integration of IT tools.


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

Session 1: Understanding Projects and Project Selection Model
 Project and Project Parameters;
 Criteria for Choosing Project Selection Models
 Project Evaluation Factors

Session 2: Project Selection Models
2.1 Non-numeric Models

 The Sacred Cow
 Operating Necessity
 Competitive Necessity
Product Line Extension
Comparative benefit model;

2.2 Numeric Models:
 Payback Period
 Average Rate of Return
 Discounted Cash Flow
 Internal Rate of Return
 Profitability Index
 Evaluating Profitability Models

Session 3: Project Scoring Models
 Un-weighted 0-1 factor model;
 Un-weighted factor scoring model;
 Weighted factor scoring model;
 Constrained Weighted factor Scoring Model;
 Evaluation of Scoring Models;
 Choosing the Right Selection Model

Session 4: Choosing Right Information for Developing Project Selection Models
 Accounting data;
 Measurement;
 Subjective versus objective data;
 Quantitative vs Qualitative Data;
 Reliable versus Unreliable data;
 Valid versus Invalid;
 Uncertain Information

Session 5: Project Portfolio Process
 Understanding PPP;
 Project Council
 Project Categories and Criteria
Project Data
Assess Resource Availability
Reduce the Project and Criteria Set
Prioritize the Projects within Categories
Select the Projects to be Funded and Held in Reserve
 Implement the Process

* Each session will have practical cases and solutions.

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