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Business & Financial English Training


Course Overview
English is the language of international business, and finance professionals now have access to unprecedented degrees of worldwide mobility. This course on Financial English is developed to maximize the skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking of people in the following professions –

 Financial Reporting
 Auditing
 Banking
 Investment Banking
 Accounting
 Cost and Management Accounting
 Risk Assessment and Analysis
 Accounting Software Packages
 Taxation
 Merger and Acquisition
 Insurance
 The Stock Market
 Foreign Exchange and Currency
 Debt Recovery and Credit Policy
 Pricing and Purchasing

At the end of this course the participants will be able to –

1. Read and interpret business and financial reports with comfort;

2. Write clean and smart business & financial English for written and email communications;

3. Understand and extract information from speeches related to business and finance;

4. Speak eloquently on finance and similar business topics.


Exercises, cases and test.

Contents of Training:

Reading and Interpreting Business and Financial Reports
Selecting, thinking and forming words;
Skimming and Scanning;
Understanding and Interpreting financial essays.
Exercises, cases and test

Writing Clean and Smart Business and Financial Essays
Forming sentences;
Using lessons of reading;
Writing a business letter/email;
Writing a comprehensive report.
Exercises, cases and test

Understand and Explain Extracts from Verbal Communications
Listening and explaining extracts of conversation between two people;
Understanding and explaining social business discussion;
Understand linear and interactive conversations;
Understanding and explaining lecture sessions and news presentations.
Exercises, cases and test

Start Speaking Boldly
Know how to introduce yourself in an interview or in a business conference;
Present your reports boldly in front of a big audience;
Negotiate and communicate with foreign delegates;
Get engaged into complex conversation;
Exercises, cases and test

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Professionals working in the areas of Financial Reporting, Auditing, Banking, Investment Banking, Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Risk Assessment and Analysis, Accounting Software Packages, Taxation, Merger and Acquisition, Insurance, The Stock Market, Foreign Exchange and Currency, Debt Recovery and Credit Policy, Pricing and Purchasing.