Successful Event Management training centre in Bangladesh


Successful Event Management


13 Lessons to plan and implement fantastic events.

When it comes to arranging great events; the secret lies in meticulous focus on planning and attention to details for execution. As the cost of reaching customers through advertising is increasing every day, events have emerged as a key marketing tool. But unfortunately there is no organized learning session that can teach us the practices and principles of conducting effective events. This training aims to fulfill that knowledge gap.

How is this training unique
1) Practical work (Individual & Group)All participants will spend significant time in group work or individual sessions which will work as a practice for the lesions learnt.

2) Local market exposure
All participants will work with lessons that are relevant for local market, which will ensure relevant local and practical knowledge development.

3) 360 degree approach
The training will touch on all key components of event – from planning to execution – so that participants get a well rounded exposure.


Individual and group practical work, local market exposure, 360 degree approach, PowerPoint Presentation.

Contents of Training:

Event Objectives
1. What is unique about event management compared to other marketing tools?
2. How to set the right objective for your event?
3. How can you integrate event management with other tools of marketing?
4. How can you communicate your brand message through your events?
5. What kind of events are right for your brand and target market?

Event Planning
1. What is event planning?
2. When does event planning start?
3. What is the relation between event planning and event execution?
4. Is there any special tools that can be used for planning?

Role of Event Manager
1. What is the role of event manager?
2. What are the skills that an event manager should have?
3. How does event managers co-ordinate with suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders?
4. What is the role of event manager during each phase – planning phase, pre, during and post event phase?

Event Execution
1. What is a check-list?
2. How to use a check-list to keep track of everything?
3. What are the key areas that need to get event managers attention?
4. How to focus on key areas – invitation, location, decoration, sound-lighting, food & beverage?
5. What is an event flow?

1. What are latest innovations in event management around the world?

Event Marketing
1. How to create hype about your event?

Examples & case studies
1. Examples of fantastic local and international events

Contingency Plan
1. What are the different areas where things usually go wrong?
2. How to handle difficult situations before and during events?

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Marketing/ Sales

It was really a nice and satisfactory workshop with a lot of fun and practical life oriented examples. Mohammad Abdul Aziz (Sohel), COO, Mindtree.
Anyone who currently owns a business in Bangladesh, or working in sales or marketing anywhere in the country in any level can greatly benefit from this training. Also advertising executives, people who are currently working in event organizing companies or want to start an event organizing firm can also benefit from this.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.