Successful Digital Marketing training centre in Bangladesh


Successful Digital Marketing


Using Facebook, Blogs, Websites, Viral videos and other interactive tools to create fantastic marketing.

The era of traditional marketing and one-way advertising is dead. The era of interactive, social media driven marketing is upon us.

Are you ready for it?

You may think this is not relevant in Bangladesh. But, when you invest in digital marketing, you are making yourself more relevant and attractive to your current consumers and also preparing yourself for the future.

Over the last 5 years we have seen an explosion of new media and tools which is changing consumer habits and creating new challenges for companies all over. Media is getting fragmented and cluttered. Advertising is becoming expensive. Consumers are no longer believing in advertising. Today word of mouth and conversations build brands, not advertising. And the brands that are allowing consumers to create conversations, engage them in a dialogue, allowing them to create cool products through customer-company collaboration is the new winner in the new marketplace.

This training will not only prepare you for a future when digital and social media marketing will be the standard, but will also allow you address a key issue of your present marketing practices. And that is how to create fantastic marketing at a negligible cost through interactive media, which can complement your traditional marketing practices and also create the most important goal of marketing – word of mouth.

How is this training unique?

1) Practical work (Individual & Group)
All participants will spend significant time in group work or individual sessions which will work as a practice for the lesions learnt.

2) Local market exposure
All participants will work with lessons that are relevant for local market, which will ensure relevant local and practical knowledge development.

3) 360 degree approach
The training will touch on all key components of event – from planning to execution – so that participants get a well rounded exposure.


Practical work (Individual & Group), Local market exposure, 360 degree approach.

Contents of Training:

Introduction to Digital Marketing
1. What is Digital marketing?
2. What is wrong with traditional marketing?
3. How digital marketing can be integrated with traditional marketing?
4. What are the benefits of digital marketing for Bangladeshi companies?
6. What role can digital and social media based marketing play in Bangladesh, where internet penetration is less than 1%?

Tips and Lessons
1. Tips on how to use Internet to promote your brand
2. What lessons can we learn from film, TV and music marketing?

Important concepts
1. Search Engine Optimization – How to use Google and other search engines for your business
2. What is Viral marketing and how it can be used?
3. 3 tips to make a viral campaign using Youtube
4. Tipping Point – What is tipping point and how it can be beneficial for your business?
5. The latest concepts in digital marketing – The Long Tail and how to use it
6. Co-Creation – Why companies should co create their product together with their customers

Word of Mouth and Conversation
1. Why is word of mouth so important?
2. What creates word of mouth and conversation?
3. Group exercise of creating a word of mouth campaign
4. Marketing 3.0 – What Kotler says about digital marketing in his latest lesson

Facebook & Twitter
1. How to use Facebook to promote your brand?
2. How to use Twitter to promote your brand?

1. What is a blog? What is the difference between a website and a blog?
2. How to use blogs to promote your brand?
3. Should your company have a blog? What will be the benefit?

1. How to create an effective website for your business?
2. What should an attractive website look like?
3. What role can websites play in your marketing practices?

Examples & Case Studies
1. Examples of fantastic local and international case studies and campaign examples in digital marketing

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Marketing/ Sales
Anyone who currently owns a business in Bangladesh, or working in sales or marketing anywhere in the country in any level can greatly benefit from this training.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.