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World Class Service Marketing


We are in the era where service based business dominates and the company that masters customer service, masters the marketplace. We are in that time in history where consumer is looking for a fantastic experience and if he can’t get it from you he will go to someone else who will give him that memorable, positive experience.

Despite its growing importance, almost everything we know and practice today is based on marketing products, not services. All the text books are full of product marketing examples. All the tools we use are evolved from the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) practices that we have been doing for the last 100 years. Service marketing requires a specific form of expertise and tools that are not taught specifically anywhere.

This training aims to change that.

How is this training unique
1) Practical work (Individual & Group)
All participants will spend significant time in group work or individual sessions which will work as a practice for the lesions learnt.

2) Local market exposure
All participants will work with lessons that are relevant for local market, which will ensure relevant local and practical knowledge development.

3) 360 degree approach
The training will touch on all key components of event – from planning to execution – so that participants get a well rounded exposure.


1.PowerPoint Presentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

Difference between Product Marketing and Service Marketing
1. What is service marketing?
2. What is the difference between service and product marketing?
3. When does service marketing starts and when it ends?
4. What are the different tips that can make service marketing better for your organization?
5. How to combine the lessons of product marketing and service marketing to make your overall marketing more effective?

Branded Experiences
1. What is a customer/brand touch-point?
2. What is a branded customer experience?
3. How to use branded experiences to create benefit for your organization?
4. Why creating a branded experience is more important than advertising?
5. How to change the negative image of your company through a branded experience?

Improving Customer Service
1. How to improve customer service?
2. How to build an entire organization on customer service?
3. What are the biggest mistakes in customer service?
4. Can a “Tong” shop / “Mudir dokan” / Small Grocery store practice fantastic service marketing?
5. How to handle customer complaints?
6. Should we take back faulty product, even when that costs the company a significant amount?

Customer Relationship Management
1. What is CRM (Customer relationship management)?
2. How to create the loyal customers through CRM?
3. How to customize your services without significant cost?

Organizational Culture and Its Impact
1. What is the role of organization and its employees in making service marketing effective for customers?
2. What is the role of CEO/Managing Director?
3. What is the role of Human Resources department?
4. What is the role of customer services department?
5. How to change an organization into a service centric organization?

Innovation in Service Marketing
1. What are the different innovations that you can use to boost your service marketing?
2. What are the new opportunities?
3. What is the role of technology and social media in service marketing?

Examples & Case Studies
1. Local example of good service marketing
2. Local example and case study on poor service marketing
3. Global example of outstanding service marketing

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Marketing/ Sales
Anyone who currently owns a business in Bangladesh, or working in sales, marketing, customer service or in any department that directly interacts with customers in any level can greatly benefit from this training.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.