Be A Powerful Accounting Outsourcing Professional


Accounting Outsourcing is an opportunity that is waiting to serve thousands of SMEs who don’t have formal job opening to Accountants. These SMEs are deprived of a good accounting and inventory reporting system. Accounting Outsourcing will open the win-win opportunities to both Accountants and those SMEs. Also banks’ SME division can greatly be benefited from this course.


Hands-on practical sessions.

Contents of Training:

1. What is Accounting Outsourcing

2. Principal of Accounts

3. Nature of Accounts

4. Creating Chart of Accounts

5. Transaction & Voucher entries

6. AIS & MIS Reporting

7. Budgeting

8. Cost Centers

9. Sale-Purchase

10. Inventory/Stock Management

11. Field of Accounting Outsourcing in Bangladesh

12. Field of Accounting Outsourcing in Abroad

13. Different Accounting Software by Geographical Position

14. Hands on Training on Accounting Software

15. Manage Outsourcing Network

16. Marketing for Accounting Outsourcing

17. Other Necessary issues

18. Open Discussion & Question – Answer Session

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