Public Speaking & Presentation Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills


Learning Objectives:
Upon completing this course participants will know how to:
• Feel confident to stand and deliver before any size group
• Use eye contact, gestures, and body language for maximum effect
• Develop and organize a presentation for any audience and any event
• Design visuals to enhance both the presenter’s message & performance
• Deliver visual information in a way that keeps the audience in sync
• Handle tough questions
• Use humor effectively

How participants will benefit after the course:
Participants will learn the skills to present ideas before a group in a persuasive fashion, participants bothgain confidence in themselves, and better forward the organization’s mission. Participants gain selfrealizationthrough overcoming the most common human fear. Employees become better all-around communicators.


Methods of instruction will include lecturing, discussion, group work, practice presentations, and other activities.

Contents of Training:

Presentation Skills
- The Presentation
- Planning & Developing Structure
- Sequencing & Pitch
- Taking charge of your material
- Taking charge of yourself
- Taking charge of the audience – Presenting with Punch
- Body Language – Icing on the cake
- Taking your key points to the hearts of the audience
- Managing Questions / Criticism & Disagreement
- How to end to be Remembered
- Power point presentations

Public Speaking Skills
- Ice breaker technique
- The audience – Psychological aspects
- You as a speaker
- Dealing with anxiety and nervousness
- Speech delivery techniques
- Generate confidence through body language
- Review and action plan

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To my way of thinking, it was excellent workshop both for the students and the professionals as well. Keep it up. Md. Faridul Islam, COLOR CONSULTANT, Berger Paints BD. Ltd.
The workshop was an excellent experience for me and it will be helpful in my professional work. Md. Masud Kabir Chowdhury
This programme is intended for CEOs, Directors, Senior Managers & anyone desirous of improving their presentation & public speaking skills.