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Boost up Your Office Productivity and Accomplish Tasks Faster


In our everyday office life we face challenges in task scheduling, prioritizing, document processing & publishing, sharing works with colleagues and balancing our work and personal life. However, little extra tech-skills can make our life easy. This course designed for the professionals in all expert areas who needs to maintain tight schedule, communicate excessively over email, share documents and presentations with people and have to go through a very busy and pressuring schedule everyday.

Learning Outcomes
(1) Prepare, synchronise and share your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily schedule;
(2) Create and convert your documents, spreadsheets and presentations to PDF and using PDF utilities to handle your document processing challenges;
(3) Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with your colleagues faster over network and internet;
(4) Scan paper documents, convert to text, edit and send international fax for free;
(5) Share your computer screen with your colleagues in an online meeting for saving time;
(6) Understand prioritization and use 5S at work;
(7) Know how to release your work-pressure, have fun at work and balance your professional and personal life.


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

1. Meeting your Scheduling Challenge
þ Prepare schedules using Microsoft Office Outlook and Google Calendar;
þ Synchronise your Schedule with your Email and Smart Phone;
þ Share your schedule with your colleagues;
þ Use sticky notes and desktop tools for reminders of your daily work.

2. Managing your Document Processing Challenge
þ Convert your documents, spreadsheets and presentations to PDF
þ Edit PDF documents
þ Join, Rearrange and organise PDF documents
þ Read and create notes on your PDF documents

3. Sharing Works with Colleagues and Smart Devices
þ Know the security issues and implement security while sharing;
þ Use Google Document to share documents securely;
þ Creating and manager your own online document depository;
þ Share your PC documents with your Smartphone and smart devices.

4. Scanning, International Faxing and Phone Solution
þ Scan your paper documents in editable text file;
þ Send your PC documents and scanned documents using faxing services.
þ Use Skype for international calling and receive calls on your local number anywhere in the world

5. Sharing Screens and Online Meetings
þ Use Windows’ screen sharing facilities over a networked environment;
þ Use Skype for screen sharing with colleagues and international partners
þ Set online meetings using online meeting tools.

6. Prioritization and 5S at Work
þ Know how to prioritize over demanding activities;
þ Classify your tasks in value adding and non-value adding time, and avoid the latter
þ Keep clean and organized work surfaces using 5S technique;
þ Break work into pieces and focus on pieces separately.

7. Have Fun and Balance your Professional and Personal life
þ Case Study
Know how employees in enlightened organisations have fun on work;
þ Expert Tips
Know how smart professionals manage their professional and personal life.

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Anyone who wants to boost up office productivity.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.