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SAP-MM Professional Consultancy Course


SAP is known as the best ERP software available in the market. About 75% of the big-ERP market is under the control of SAP. About 20,000 companies use this software. The business area “Supply Chain Management” is implemented in SAP through the MM (Material Management) module. It includes Procurement, Warehouse, Inventory, etc. After FI, MM is the most used module of SAP. It is targeted to MM knowledge & skill at the mid-level.

Participants' Benefit

It is a very good career opportunity to perform the role of an MM Solution Consultant, who can handle all the areas of automation under Supply Chain. The opportunity clearly lies in the shortage of MM experts. Acquiring skills on SAP is not a matter of clicking and typing; it is the skill of understanding and then translating & transforming the business processes into an automatable process flow supported by SAP. SAP-MM consulting expertise is the result of combining clear understanding of SCM business processes and SAP technology. As a result, SAP solution consultants are observed to be amongst the highest-paid professionals. This course is designed based on SAP certification courses TSCM 50 & 52 (Solution Consultant on Materials Management). After completing it, the participants should moderately learn how to implement SAP to automate SCM processes. A participant would also find it much easier to prepare for SAP exam: MM Solution Consultant.

On the other hand, SAP-conversant business professionals are treated with higher priority among their competitors. This course is also planned to highlight user-centric aspects of MM module. The participants should find themselves well-versed with transaction posting & reporting features in MM as well.


PPT demonstartion, reference book walkthrough, practice exams & discussions, etc.

Contents of Training:

Part-1: SCM Environment & Masters
Day1 – Introduction to SCM and SAP-MM
Day2 – MM Organizational Units
Day3 – Vendor Master Data
Day4 – Item Master Data

Part-2: Purchase-2-Pay (P2P) Cycle
Day5 – PR, RFQ & QES
Day6 – PO & Agreements
Day7 – Goods Receipt / Service Completion
Day8 – Logistic Invoice Validation (FI processes payment)
Day9 – Vendor Performance Evaluation

Part-3: Inventory Cycle
Day10 – Inventory Planning
Day11 – Goods Issues & Scrapping
Day12 – Stock Transfers (Transfer Posting)
Day13 – Physical Stock Taking
Day14 – Inventory Valuation & MM-FI Integration
Day15 – Approval Workflow for MM

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