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CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting


This course is provided by Capri Learning and Assessment System (CAPRILAS), A CIMA Tuition Partner in Bangladesh.

The CIMA certificate in business accounting is CIMA's own entry route to the CIMA professional qualification. It is an internationally recognized finance and accounting qualification highly valued by global employers. The certificate is awarded from CIMA in United Kingdom and it is recognized by MNCs, Higher Educational Institutes and British, Canadian and Australian Immigration authorities.

The course provides an excellent overview of Accounting, Finance, and Business Management which is essential for becoming successful in corporate career. CBA qualification can add significant value to your career and organization. With the knowledge and skills gained from this course you can easily establish your position in strategic management of your organization.

All five subject examinations within the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting qualification are sat at CIMA approved assessment centres using computer based assessment (CBA) methodology.

The pass mark for each of the five examinations is 50% and permanent credit is awarded for any subject in which thecandidate scores 50% or more. Each subject examination will be two hours.


The program will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises.

Contents of Training:

CO1 Management Accounting
A. The Context of Management Accounting
B. Cost Identification and Behavior
C. Planning within Organization
D. Accounting Control Systems
E. Decision Making

CO2 Financial Accounting
A. Conceptual and Regulatory Framework;
B. Accounting Systems
C. Preparation for Accounts for Single Entities
D. Control of Accounting Systems

CO3 Business Mathematics
A. Basic Mathematics
B. Probability
C.Summarizing and Analyzing Data
D. Relationships between Variables
E. Forecasting
F. Financial Mathematics
G. Spreadsheets

CO4 Business Economics
A. The Macroeconomic Context of Organizations
B. The Goals and Decisions of Organizations
C. The Market System and the Competitive Process
D. The Financial System

CO5 Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law
A. Ethics and Business
B. Ethical Conflict
C. Corporate Governance
D. Comparison of English Law with Alternative Legal System
E. The Law of Contract
F. The Law of Employment
G. Company Administration and Finance

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