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Applying COBIT 5 for better IT Governance


Corporate governance is always a very challenging, but very important work in an organization, especially when it comes to technology. Now, researchers’ realization is that technology is complicated, but technology governance doesn’t have to be. COBIT is most widely used and appreciated IT governance framework. The US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) makes COBIT mandatory for controlling technology operations for US-SEC listed companies. COSO also refers to COBIT for IT controls. COBIT5 is the most awaited and latest release of COBIT (year 2012) and has been a focus topic of discussion within corporate governance professionals. COBIT5 has integrated COBIT 4.1, ValIT and RiskIT. It has now in line with ISO standards as well as has clearly defined separately governance activities from management activities. In simpler terms, COBIT is the common language of IT management, IT auditors and the board audit committees. Interestingly COBIT5 has made an approach which can be adopted and customized for all other functions, i.e., Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Supply Chain, etc.

Participants will benefit after the course:
It is a very good career opportunity to work based on COBIT. We have IT experts, security professionals, risk professionals and auditors, but very few can deliver the same job / activity based on COBIT – the common language of all sides of the table. In US, Canada, Europe and Australia, IT auditors (CISA) with COBIT expertise are highly in demand with very attractive packages. In other parts of the world including Bangladesh, COBIT-expertise is becoming an unrivaled competence in IT related professions. The opportunity clearly lies in the shortage of COBIT experts. Acquiring skills on COBIT is not a matter of understanding the COBIT literature only; it is the skill of nicely delivering the everyday’s IT management, risk & security management and conducting & reporting internal or external audits in line with COBIT.

One thing should be made clear that none can become expert just by reading the study materials or by participating in the training programs. It requires one to obtain a detailed understanding of COBIT literatures & tools, applying them in his or her vertical in the organization for more than two years. But, this training has been designed to make the things related to COBIT5 very clear to the participants. Afterwards, the participants should continue studying and practicing in a vertical, e.g., IT management, IT audit, etc, to become expert.


PPT presentation & discussions.

Contents of Training:

Day-1: The COBIT-5 Framework
1.1. COBIT-5 Framework
(a) Why COBIT-5
(b) Design model and details of COBIT-5 framework
(c) COBIT-5 Goals Cascade
(d) COBIT-5 product family
(i) Enabler Guides
COBIT-5 for Enabling Processes & Enabling Information
(j) Professional Guides
COBIT-5 Implementation, COBIT-5 for Security, Assurance & Risk
(e) Migration from v4.1 to v5

1.2. COBIT-5 Principles
(a) Meeting the stakeholder’s need
(b) Covering the enterprise end-to-end
(c) Applying a single integrated framework
(d) Enabling a holistic approach
(e) Separating governance from management

1.3. COBIT-5 Process Capability Model (CPM)
(a) CPM design
(b) Difference between version 5 capability model and 4.1 maturity model

Day-2: Putting COBIT-5 in Action
2.1. Strategic Management & Reporting
(a) Defining metrics and setting metric values
(b) Evaluation of metrics
(c) Reporting of metrics (dashboards, scorecards & benchmarking)

2.2. Risk & Security Management in line with COBIT-5
(a) Security risk assessment
(b) Control design to mitigate security risks

2.3. Auditing in line with COBIT-5
(a) Audit planning
(b) Reporting

Reference Materials from ISACA & ITGI:
* COBIT 5 Framework
* Board Briefing on IT Governance
* COBIT Management Guideline
* COBIT Assurance Guide

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Auditors, IT professionals, security management professionals, risk management professionals & any other control professionals.
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