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CIMA – MBA Gateway Exam Preparation Course


Course Description

CIMA, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, is the world’s leading and largestprofessional body of management accountants, operating at the heart of business in 165countries. CIMA qualified management accountants operate in financial and non-financial rolesin both private and public sectors. While most other accounting qualifications are concernedwith financial accounting, external audit and tax, CIMA combines the rigor of an accountingqualification with the business skills needed to offer strategic advice and manage risk.
CIMA acknowledges people with MBAs or Professional Qualifications as future businessleaders. After consulting with leading business schools, professional bodies and employers,CIMA is now offering those with an MBA qualification and passed finalists/ members ofthe ICMAB the opportunity to pursue CIMA qualification with the CIMA Masters GatewayAssessment (CMGA) exam.
On successful completion of the CMGA exam, candidates will be granted 11 exemptionsfrom CIMA’s Professional Qualification and will be awarded the CIMA Advanced Diploma inManagement Accounting, entitling them to the professional letters CIMA Ad Dip MA. Successfulcandidate will be then able to progress to the final level of CIMA professional exams andbecome full members of the professional institute. This training will guide the participants tocover whole syllabus of the exam and pass the assessment with confidence to progress furtherto achieve globally recognized CIMA qualification.
The CMGA exam is three hours long and can be taken through British Council Dhaka. The passmark of the examination is 50% and permanent credit is awarded if the candidate scores 50% ormore. Exam fee payment of £320 will enable candidates to sit for the assessment in November2012 considering the registration completed within 31st July 2012.


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

Course Content

Module One: Project Management

A.Identification of a project, a programme and their attributes
B.Structures and frameworks to identify common project management issues
C.Process of project management
D.Key tools and techniques, including the evaluation of proposals
E.Project plan preparation incorporating strategies for dealing with uncertainty
F.Identification of structural and leadership faced in managing a project team
G.Project control systems
H.Post-completion audit
I.Process of continuous improvement to projects
J.Strategies for the management of stakeholder perceptions and expectations

Module Two: Cost Planning and Analysis for Competitive Advantage

A.Value analysis and functional cost analysis
B.Just-in-time production, the theory of constraints and Total Quality Management
C.Concepts of continuous improvement and kaizen costing
D.Cost of quality reports
E.Application of Learning Curves to estimate time and cost for new products and services
F.Activity-based management
G.Process re-engineering to reduce costs
H.Target costing
I.Concept of life cycle costing
J.Management of profit generated throughout the Value chain
K.Gain sharing arrangements
L.Direct customer profitability and Distribution channel profitability
M.Application of Pareto analysis

Module Three: Group Financial Statements

A.Preparation of a complete set of consolidated financial statements for a group of companies
B.Group financial statements analysis
C.Financial reporting of intra-group trading
D.Merger & Acquisition, Disposition of subsidiary and associate
E.Concept and Reporting of a joint venture
F.Accounting for reorganizations and capital reconstruction schemes
G.Foreign currency translation principles
H.International investment appraisal

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