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Work Study and Time Study


Work Study: By understanding work study a person should be able to analyse a garments and could be able to assess total process involved in making the garments along with the requirement of man, machines, equipments, folders and so forth which will help him to get maximum out put by utilising minimum man power and machines. Participants would also be able to understand critical areas of the garments and would prepare himself wel in advance for any special items which might be required to make the garments.

Time Study: By understanding Time Study a person would be able to know how much time will be required to make a garments, what will be the production target for particular man and machines, How many lines to be engaged to complete any production with in scheduled time.

Benefits after Training: They would be able to set up any production line in efficient way with minmum man power for maximum out put and would be able to find out the actual target of any style per hour or per day.


Participatory approach
Lecture method
PowerPoint presentation
Group Exercise

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction on Work Study and Time Study
2. Work Study on Knit and woven garments
3. Group discussion on work study of knit and woven garments.
4. Work Study on Cutting, Sewing and Finishing
5. Work Study on Printing, Embroidery, Washing and Value added job
6. Time Study on Knit and Woven Garmanets (Cutting, Sewing and Finishing)
7. Exercise on Time Study
8. Time Study on Knitting, Dyeing and washing
9. Time Study on Printing, Embroidery and Value addition work
10. Time study on loading of cargo
11. Exercise on load calculation and requrement of transport

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Factory owners and the professionals who own top level managerial position.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.