Brand You: How to Use World Class Branding Skills to Position Yourself As A Brand training centre in Bangladesh


Brand You: How to Use World Class Branding Skills to Position Yourself As A Brand


There is no denying that learning effective brand building is the most important skill one can learn. But usually we use brand building skills to create great product or service brands. Is it possible to use world class brand building principles in our day to day work to create and position our own self as a great brand which other people can admire and choose?

Sure you can. The topic personal branding is the latest and biggest area in brand marketing. But till now in Bangladesh there hasn’t been any training to show people how can they use brand building skills to create great personal brands to get ahead in career, business and life.

This first of its kind training aims to do that.

In Bangladesh the most important practical skills are not often taught in a structured way. None tells us how to create a positive first impression. None tells us how having a good personal brand helps us deal with issues ranging from office politics to securing financial loans from banks to getting the right business connections. None tells us why having a personal brand goal and strategy is just as important as having a business plan. None tells us how the way we handle ourselves in business meetings create a perception in people’s mind. And perception is brand.

This simple and practical training will help all the attendees to learn to use the power of brand building skills to get ahead in their career and life.


1.PowerpointPresentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

1. What exactly do we mean when we say Brand You or a Personal Brand? Is every human being really a brand?

2. Why creating a personal brand is important and how to do it?

3. How to create your personal positioning statement?

4. Brand building touch-points: How to use 360 degree approach in creating your personal brand

5. How to use the world famous MBTI process to assess your brand personality and check if you are in the right career/life track or not?

6. How to create your personal brand strategy?

7. Understanding how celebrities build their brand and how to learn brand building skills from celebrities

8. How to use the power of public relations / publicity to build your brand?

9. How to make your personal brand different from others?

10. 10 tips to create a fantastic personal brand and set yourself apart

11. How to use leadership, negotiation and public speaking in building your brand?

12. How to unleash the power of non verbal communication to build a solid brand foundation?

13. What are the most important media (business relationship, CVs, boss etc.) to build a personal brand and how to use them?

14. Is it possible to change a brand positioning if someone is not happy with their own personal brand?

15. Brand name: Learn how you name yourself and others can have a great impact on your life

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Anyone who wants to get ahead in life: be it a student looking for job, an executive looking for career switch, a manager looking for promotion, an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities or simply a professional looking to understand how brand building practices usually work: will greatly benefit from attending this training.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.