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Knit Garments Costing


Capabilities of doing correct costing of any garments is primary job of a Merchandising and Marketing People. A person who does not know how to do a garment costing is not a merchandiser. As such all merchandiser and marketing personnel must know garments costing in details.

The workshop is designed for marketing and merchandising people those who need to do frequent garment costing for accepting any order. After attending this workshop all attendant would be able to do any garment costing independently and will be benefited with followings:

1. Will Learn how to analyze a Product Package (Order Sheet) for costing purposes.

2. Will learn how to do garments costing.

3. Will learn how to do fabric consumption with in one minute.

4. Will learn how to do accessories consumption and costing.

5. Will learn how to do the costing of printing and what all are the points influence both printing and garments costing.

6. Will learn how to do Embroidery Costing and what all are the points influence both embroidery and garments costing.

7. Will learn how to do the costing of washing.

8. Will learn what are the hidden cost in garments that we usually over look.

9. Will learn how to assess knitting cost.

10. Will learn how to assess Dyeing cost.

11. Will learn how to do fabric costing of different types of knit fabrics (Cotton, TC, Polyester, Solid, Y/D, Allover Printed, Fleece, Engineering Stripe, Feeder Stripe,Fabric with spandex/lycra, fabric with especial effect etc.

12. Will learn how to assess the asking CM of any garments in relation to factory expenses, man-machine engagement and productivity.

13. Will learn how to prepare a cost approval sheet.

14. Will learn how to bargain, negotiate and confirm the price.


Participatory Approach
Lecture Method
PowerPoint Presentation

Contents of Training:

1.Welcome Note.

2. Introduction.

3. Analysis of Knit Product Package (Order Sheet).

4. Calculation of Fabric Consumption.

5. Tea Break.

6. Knit Fabric Costing (Various Type).

7. Accessories Consumption and Costing.

8. Printing analysis and cost assessment.

9. Embroidery analysis and cost assessment.

10. Washing analysis and cost assessment.

11. Lunch Break.

12. Analysis of Finishing, Assortment and Packing to assess Garments Costing.

13. Product analysis to assess Cost of Making (CM).

14. Garments Costing.

15. Tea Break.

16. Revision on Garments Costing.

17. Any Question.

18. Revision.

19. Conclusion.

20. Thanks giving and Distribution of Certificates.

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9140345, 9117179 Ltd.

19 th floor (East), BDBL Building (Old BSRS)
12 Karwan Bazaar
Dhaka - 1215

1. Factory or Buying House Owner / Directors those who want to counter check the Garments Costing done by others before accepting any order.
2. Mercahndiser in Factory who are responsible for doing independent costing of garments.
3. Audit and Finance people of the factory who want to check the garments costing for its accuracy and viability.
4. Any other person interested to learn how to do Garments Costing.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.