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People need to communicate in English for various official purposes in different times. Sometimes they need to convince customers, sometimes it is required to communicate effectively in a meeting or conference all through English. This program has been designed to assist the executives, officers and professionals of different organizations to learn easy technics of speaking in English. After completing the course the participants will be confident to communicate in English efficiently with their stakeholders.

How the participants will benefit after the course:
This program has been designed for those who seek for easy ways to communicate in English. It will enhance their ideas regarding practicing English in a convenient way. After completing this course they will be more confident to deal with anybody in English overcoming their existing anxiety and shyness.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, individual & group work, feedback session etc.

Contents of Training:

Session 1:
o General Rules for regular speaking practice (who, what and when)
o Dos and Don’ts of Speaking
o Sources of enriching vocabulary
o Technics of using vocabulary in a pragmatic context

Session 2:
o Individual & Group work (with and without clues)
o Interesting games & quizes
o Uses of life-oriented Vocabulary
o Rules of practicing speaking related to own profession

Session 3:
o Effective technics of Questioning in real life context
o Important expressions in regular context
o Role play- practical demonstration (From different context)
o Peer Feedback & correction

Session 4:
o Summarizing selected text
o Pronunciation practice
o Vocabulary quiz
o Suggestions for continuous progress

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